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  1. I want to share my hosting company. Before months ago my site was attacked by strangers via Ddos attack and my old hosting provider can't block attacks from strangers and i moved my forum to the another hosting company with very very cheap price's and with 500 gbs Ddos protection. https://coolicehost.com/
  2. I will try it tomorrow. Thanks for share. Regards.
  3. Ahh sorry... Yes it's worked. Thanks again, just i don't have a more free time these days that's the reason why i'm not answered in the topic. Sorry again. Regards!
  4. i try myself yesterday, result it's the same again.. i want a like background but image it's showing on every forum... i gived example image and maybe site it's not working idk it thanks for try to help
  5. Hello webflake members. I want to ask a simple question. How can i add image in this area and for every category different image ? Here it's the demo picture what i want... http://prntscr.com/mksba8 picture from my forum, which i building now. I want to add images on category content, but i want to add in every category different images. something like this....
  6. i try on 1.5.x but not working... How can i do to work with 1.5.x version ?
  7. You are great !!! Thanks i will try it now. Regards.
  8. blank page... on these php versions - 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 Yes i want to install it to XF.
  9. how can i make this at 1.5.x version ? regards
  10. i'm looking for solution, but i can't find... I don't know how to fix this problem... After flood attacks i get this error Somebody can help to US ? or somebody can tell to US, how to update admincp theme without admincp access, via Ftp ? Regards, Flake Members.
  11. Okay, how i can update my theme when i can't open admin panel, when i can't access on admin panel ? can i update the admin theme via ftp ? if i can update, how can i do it ?
  12. Hello WebFlake members. I have a problem with IPB 4.3.6 version, i will try to explain my problem with my bad english soo my problem is following Everything worked correctly before 3 or 4 days ago after so many many flood attacks to my adres. i get this error when i try to open my site. [[Template core/admin/system/login is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] after block attacks i can open my site and everything it's working correctly but when i try to open admin panel i get this error. How can i fix this problem without making fresh install ? Because i have more than 100+ members and more than 600+ posts i don't want to loose any member or any topic post. Regards.
  13. 7.1 what i need to type at this page ? I mean what i need to do ... I will make for first time htaccess..