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  1. Is not nulled. Is Licensed I fixed. Thank you. Topic Close please.
  2. Hello there. Again me. I tried today to upgrade my Forum. I have IPS 4.4.7. And I want to upgrade to 4.4.10. I bought from Invision the Invision Community Suite. But i got this error. Why ? Sorrry for trouble guys.
  3. Thank you, thanks a lot. This work perfectly. And I want to say: Thank you all of u. Who replied here to this topic. Luv u ! A moderator can T/C this topic.
  4. Hello, thank you for reply. I tried with Custom CSS, but same. Fail. Nothing happening. @mr-pimpen, this is rainbow. This worked, but i want static with two colors. I mean Red normal to the Dark Red.
  5. Hello guys. I have a question. I want to do an Gradient Group. I mean with two colors or more. But I fail in many ways, I tried with custom css to add a new one but same. Fail. Can some one help me ? Thank you and sorry for my english. Edit: I added this but the effect does not work on topics and who is online. And i tried to make static. but same. Fail.
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