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  1. I'm a global citizen. Sometimes I suspect I'm even virtual -- especially after a couple of nights coding Then I realize I like big boobs and I am back on Earth. --sillyputty
  2. True, true... never came across anything better then a McDonald's Strawberry mikshake. --Sillyputty
  3. My sentiments completely -- when it comes to fill you up on a shoestring, Mac is just the thing! --Sillyputty
    Plugin works as advertised. Tested in IPS Community 4.3. Thanks!
  4. Now listen up people: let's do it to them before they do it to us!
    --Hill Street Blues

  5. I normally use AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition and recently bought AVG Internet Security, their commercial version of the free edition. I like it very much; it's light on computer resources and saves my rear-end on a daily basis. I've had numereous pop-ups of AVG reporting that it prevented injection of malicious Javascript hidden in webpages, just during browsing. Awesome product that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. --Sillyputty
  6. McDonald's of course -- they are King of Burger! --Sillyputty
  7. Hi Webflake, I am here to contribute to the forums and to learn from the others. Keep up the good work! --Sillyputty