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  1. roy bmtc

    IPS 4.3 Tutorial

    I want a Tutorial How to Upgrade from 4.4.x to 4.4.1 please help me guys
  2. Make a Tutorial for Downgrading without effecting
  3. Duplicate entry '1-core_NewVersion' for key 'PRIMARY' /home/teluguro/public_html/applications/core/setup/upg_104000/upgrade.php::144 INSERT INTO `core_acp_notifications_preferences` ( `member`, `type`, `view`, `email` ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ? ) please resolve my issue i cant go back now
  4. while upgrading its showing error Undefined constant 'IPS\REBUILD_NORMAL'
  5. roy bmtc

    Hack IPS4.3

    How to Get Rid of Hacking of 4.3.x like Sql injection attack etc
  6. I think replace the Files(4.4) which u have installed in the server
  7. Officially Released When it would be Availbale in WF @Jeffrey
  8. Hello..im Facing issue when im instaling a new theme its not getting 505 error is coming and when i goes back its installed like core_theme_set_title_31 please help me
    Your PHP memory limit is too low. It needs to be set to 128M or more. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for this to be changed. IM Getting This error... How much it to be set?
  9. I want pspplay new version wordpress theme DEMO
  10. How to downlaod Amazon prime video can any one know this
  11. how to remove IPS THEME By IPSFOCUS in footer
  12. roy bmtc


    How to Hide Theme option in IPS