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  1. First, set your maximum photo size to 300 px. Post here the code you have on your postContainer and what IP.Board version you are using.
  2. You can try adding your font from google in your globaltamplate as a code and then adding „font-family: your font” to the element you want to be displayed.
  3. You want to change your text font or even font awesome with other font ?
  4. That is not your header, is your logo image....
  5. You set the banner as logo, you want to be on full header or ?
  6. Did you try to write your user and password and not using autofill ?
  7. First, you are not allowed to download files anymore, you install them directly on your forum via ACP. Second, you have to link your marketplace account to able to this function. You need dev files to download plugins, the second way is to recode them using the files on your forum host directory.
  8. Check the PHP version to be at 7.1 or 7.2 ! If it is to 7.2 speak with your host provider, maybe they don't accept nulled versions.
  9. Speak with @Tony, i am able to see and download the file.
  10. I found a new version of that but is on their marketplace, i searched google for a free copy of it but no one posted yet. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9584-tabbed-forums-index/
  11. If you disable that, if you don't have a user and log in with google or steam will put you to create an account, diable that option and only members will be able to join forums.
  12. Move the code first on your css and try like that or use a weblink in your global template as path for your font. I use only weblinks for fonts, nothing on web host.
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