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Webmaster Resources
We've compiled a list of various tools and resources for current and aspiring webmasters alike. This list in not all-inclusive so if you have a site that you believe may be of use to a fellow webmaster, feel free to drop a link and description in this thread.
  • 19 replies

Identifying, Removing, and Preventing Malware
Malware comes in many forms, from an unwanted ad reappearing on your site to an executable file that infects visitors who click on it. Telltale signs that your site is infected can include unexplained ads, links or pop-ups, but some malware can have no noticeable effects at all.

Learn how to identify, remove, and prevent malware.
  • 10 replies

Release Notes Tutorial
Looking to recreate your own version of our Release Notes? Here's a tutorial on how to get started!
  • 67 replies

FontAwesome Forum Icons
Ever wondered how we added those nifty icons to each of our individual forums? Here's a detailed tutorial provided by Phun on how to do just that.

Note: You need at least some CSS & HTML knowledge and be able to use Chrome/Firefox's developer tools.
  • 30 replies

Surface Dark
Surface is a fully modernized design in different colors, offering a plethora of style options and various settings. Available for IPS Community Suite 4.2.

Spice up your community and let us see your results in our Website Showcase!
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  • 14 reviews

[WF NULL] Xenforo (Full)
Keep your XenForo installation current with the latest release!

Please create a support topic if you need assistance.
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  • 3 reviews

[WF NULL] IPS Community Suite
Keep your IPS Community Suite installation current with the latest release!

Please create a support topic if you need assistance.
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Reminder: we will never require a license.
Despite the recent advent of licensing systems in other communities, WebFlake will continue to offer software and support free of charge.
  • 62 replies

Theme Tip: Styling specific elements on specific pages
Occasionally you'll want to style a specific element on a specific page of your community - maybe you want to change how topic titles are shown inside a topic, or do something specific to the styles used in activity streams, without also altering other screens where the same elements are used.

Find out how to accomplish this for 4.1 or 4.2 versions of IPS Community Suite.
  • 2 replies