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  1. Hello, Today I will be posting to show you how you can make usernames on your forum flash in a "Rainbow" fashion. This does not require "advanced" knowledge, just access to the Look & Feel section of your community's ACP. Let's begin. Firstly, you are going to navigate to ACP > Look & Feel > Your Skin > globalTemplate This piece of code is to be inserted towards the bottom of the script. For example, you could place it just above where you see something relevant to <!-- ::: Footer ::: --> <script> var speed=80 var hex=new Array("00","14","28","3C","50","64","
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  2. Version 2.1.8


    This application will allow admins to create and manage raffles and giveaways on your board. [b]Features[/b]: [list] [*]Intregrate with IP.Nexus/PayPal, so you can sell raffles [*]Ability to create an automatic topic when the raflle is completed (admin can choose the forum, the topic author, topic title and topic (post) content) [*]Send a PM to the winner(s) of every raflle when is completed [*]Notifications when the payment is recognized and when the raffle is completed [*]Global hook inviting users to the raffle [*]FURL [*]Tabs on Admin CP raffle form [*]Added a description fie
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