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    Version 4.5.2


    Invision Community Suite 4.5.2 WebFlake Release Date: 9/13/2020 WebFlake Note: Please create a support topic in IPS Support if you need assistance. IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTICE Please note that not all third-party applications and themes are yet compatible with Invision Community 4.5. If you utilize third-party resources, including custom themes, please ensure they have been declared compatible by their respective authors or your site may be non-functional after an upgrade.

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    Version 4.5.x


    The new version of Chameleon Dark. Compatible with IPS v4.5.1

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    Hi all I make this tutorial ,because since 4.5.0 is released, we can't download anymore on IPS Market. But it's always possible ! i will show you how. That's really easy ! 1. go on IPS Marketplace and then,choose your Application(s) and click on Install 2. install it on your main/licensed forum. 3. When your Applications/Plugins are installed, Just enable developer Mode on IPS 4. Go on your Admin panel>Applications(or plugins) 5. Click on Download and choose download without building 7. You can now download Applications and share it on your favorite forum
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    Fluent Design Theme Edition is a combination of Fluent Design styles Microsoft, iOS Design, Android Design and Google Design. We have also introduced many interesting features that are unique in standard themes. === Demo === (Change the theme in the footer to "Fluent Design Theme Edition") === Release Notes - [Theme] Fluent Design Theme Edition === Comaptibly: (The applications listed below mean specially adapted to the theme or adding support for notification icons) Forums, Calendar, Pages, Blogs, Downloads, Gallery, Commerce, (BIM) Chatbox FREE, Trophies and Medals, Post Notes, (aXen) Secondary Groups Indicator, (aXen) Yours chat entries from Chatbox, (BIM) Hide Link And Code, (GS) Chatbox/Chatbox+ Plus Enhancements, (BIM) GIPHY, Quizzes, (SD) Company Directory, (SD) Course Box, (SD) Game Keys Store, (SD) Image Host, (SD) Live Streams, (SD) My Places, (SD) Newsletter, (SD) Sales Portal Pro, (BIM) Chatbox+, Sticky Notes, (BIM) Quick Search, * NEW in 2.3.1 * Release Notes in Pages Built-in modifications: (aXen) Record Result Line, (aXen) Group formatting in mention, (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS The theme is available in light and dark version

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    just got a cpanel license from this seller and everything works thank you
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    Version 1.0.4


    DEMO Key Features Palette 5 color schemes. Dark/Light versions included. One click to switch your website between 5 color schemes. Customize any of the colors schemes you want. All color schemes in palette including background images are user choosable. Check the Demo site if you want to test the palette. Import/Export theme colors. You never lose your color customization's! Color Management %99 all theme colors are customizable in theme settings. Without touching a line of code you can change the entire front-end colors all in theme settings. You can also use the palette to export your customized theme colors. Customize colors of Editor, Header & Navigation, Widgets & Titles, Social links, Forms & Toggles, Pagination & tabs, Buttons...etc). Forum Category Styles. Set a custom forum category background, title background...etc Apply a cover on specific forum category. Useful for password protected forums, or forums with permissions. No custom css or coding knowledge is required, All you have to do is selecting forums and apply the customization's. Footer. Enable/Disable footer. show/hide on mobiles or tablets. Custom Editor field column, with a header text and a Truncatable option. Custom HTML field column. provided with a sample for quick links. Get feed from Pages application. Footer background image. All colors are customizable. Custom Widgets. Two custom ck Editor widgets to show on top or bottom of your website. Optionally show it only on specific pages like Registration page, Login page, User profiles ...etc). Set user permissions. Great for guest messages, or custom ads... All colors are customizable Advanced Custom Widgets Plugin. Advanced custom widgets is an additional plugin to purchase, it allows you to add any Sticky or Normal custom TXT and HTML widgets. Each widget you add is fully customizable with its own configuration settings. Social Profiles. Displays a sticky social media icons in the sidebar of your site. Square, Circle icons. Show Contact Us button inside social profiles sidebar. Use custom colors for the icons. Christmas mode. Snowfall mode. Theme add-ons Swiper Slider. Enable/Disable Swiper slider. Permissions. Where to show. Excludable from IPS applications and other pages on the site. Get feed from Pages application. Customize slider height. Show pagination. Show navigation. Autoplay. Autoplay speed. Loop Mode. Lazy Loading. Swiping mode. Lazy Loading. Add a texture overlay. Add a color overlay. Sliding Effects. Custom CSS field for the slider contents. reorderable Sliders. News Ticker. Enable/Disable News Ticker Simple tickers. Custom html tickers. Permissions. Hide on mobile. auto scrolling speed. Get feed from Pages application. All colors are customizable.

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    thanks sir, the problem is resolved, have a great day
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    Version 1.0.13


    This plugin adds a dark mode button for all your users at the touch of a button. simple lightweight code and easy to switch on and off. This will be updated for 4.5 release as well demo here http://dtweb.space/ Username:Test Password:123test

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    first of all just want to say your title dont need to have fup thats not the way to get someone to answer you faster than any other member here!!! try and run the support and did you clear your cookies try that first...
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    download the .htaccess file and upload it to your server than jut check the box in Search Engine Optimization Rewrite URLs? Required the refresh your browser
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    Version 2.7.2


    Arcane - The Gaming Community Theme + Premium Tournaments WP Plugin (Skywarrior always releases updates for this theme, I'll keep it updated always!) Theme and Plugin updated to latest version 2.7.2 - 15 June 2020 Important: This theme will not work correctly on shared hosting, and to avoid errors in more robust hosting ex: VPS, etc... it is recommended to increase the settings of your server: memory_limit: 300M max_execution_time: 6000 max_input_time: 3000 post_max_size: 240M upload_max_filesize: 190M "These values are examples!" Read too: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/increasing-the-wordpress-memory-limit/ Arcane gives you the power to create massive gaming communities. Users can create teams and tournaments and challenge each others, keeping track of the matches, share content and much more! Updated: Premium Tournaments WP Plugin (Arcane Tournament Types) - Exclusive plugin for the arcane theme, Round Robin, League and Ladder can be added! VirusTotal Scan for the plugin: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c38925a0d0917d09a37669be3ddd0dc797de51b157c447f2473ce7905f4afd8b/detection VIEW THE DEMO

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    Already did, check the first page.
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    The ones on left look like images, for FA use this. [data-forumid="2"] .fa-comments:before { content: "\f236"; }
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    Post a screenshot with the live edited content we could understand better. Most themes has the fa-comments as default. If that is what you want to edit.
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    Delete ipsTabs_activeItem from the week tab. You have to refresh the widget to apply. Delete it and put it back, should work.
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    This is done by going to the Page-> Blocks => Custom HTML Block There is already a better plugin for that
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    That plugin is called
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    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
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    The API is timing out because it can't connect to your server. Either there is a configuration issue or your host is blocking these connection attempts.
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    Discord is no longer available — see Additional Information below. Added Chatbox+ to the front page. We'll be altering permissions and feature sets over the next few days/weeks. Added additional styling to the Chatbox to match the overall theme (thanks @Jeffrey). As before, all groups can view the chatbox but only Novice (15 posts or more) can chat. Added preliminary support for additional language translations View full release
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a modern Dark-/Night-Mode Design based on the new Invision Community 4.5 Theme. Lightweight, pure CSS, no additional graphics were used. You can see a LIVE DEMO on our site at InvisionFocus.de (select Bravo 6 in the footer). Tested with Forums, Pages and Downloads. It's well maintained, because we use it on our own website. If you find any possible bugs, we'll fix them immediately. It's free and comes without any brandings or visible copyrights.

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    Version 2.0.5


    Chatbox+ is an application that uses Ajax calls to the server to get new messages. Supports room chat, club chat and the private one-2-one chat. The chat boxes can display in widget, new page, or floating on the bottom right to allow member easy to chat with each other. Demo 1: Clean Text input: https://demo.ipsviet.com/chatbox/room/2-demo-1/ Demo 2: Full Editor: https://demo.ipsviet.com/chatbox/room/3-demo-2/ Demo 3: Chat bot sends message every 10 seconds: https://demo.ipsviet.com/chatbox/room/7-demo-3/ Global popup on bottom right: https://demo.ipsviet.com/forums/ Features: *NEW* Private one-2-one chat (like Facebook): Chat boxes display on bottom right allow member to chat with each other. Multi chat at same time. Permission for who can use the private chat. Ability to select skin for each box. Load more messages on scroll up (or down). Easy to find member name to start the chat. Sound notification for new message. Report messages. User online status. Minimize and close chat boxes. Ban settings. Supports Clean Text Input with emoji, Youtube, URL, image URL, Giphy plugins, Supports Lazyload images. Interval in milliseconds. Flood control. Message length limit. Permission to edit/delete messages. Fully responsive - will adapt to mobile, tablet, desktop. Rooms & Clubs Chat Admin can create multiple rooms, display rooms in widgets, or a new page. Club owner can create a room. Announcement & Rules for each room. Online Users list. Allow guest to join and chat with their custom nickname and random avatar. Show online users in the panel or popup. Global Chat: Show room in a a floating popup on the bottom of the pages so users can chat anywhere. Toggle show/hide the popup. Option to hide popup chat on mobile. User controls: On/Off sound notification. Open chat in a popup. Select skins. Moderator controls: Edit Announcement. User blocking system: Display moderator who blocked the user. Ability to add the reason. Auto unblock user after X minutes. Clean room (delete all messages). Quick edit/delete a message. System messages to notify when: New content posted from 3rd-party apps, supports: Forums (new topic, new reply) Downloads (new file, new comment, new review) Pages (new article, new comment, new review) Gallery (new image, new comment) Blogs (new entry, new comment) Calendar (new event, new comment) Status updates, status replies New registration. Videobox (new video, new comment, new review) Musicbox (new song, new comment) New announcement. New donation. User joined/left room. Auto Messages (Chat Bot) Create multiple messages with cycle time in seconds. Select a member as a Bot to post the messages automatically every X seconds. The auto messages run on client-side, will not be saved to database for the best performance and saving database. Archive messages: Permission for who can view archive messages. Search messages by member name, guest name, content, time. Sorting messages by time, content, chatter name. Edit/Delete/Report message. Other features: Input message: Clean text: only supports URL, image URL, Youtube URL, GIF from GIPHY Editor: You can use full formatting from Editor: color, bold, size, emoticons... and all Editor's plugins. Many stylish designs available: 5 skins: 3 styles for messages: Standard Bubbles Condensed Donation & SuperChat (requires IPS Commerce) *NEW* Allow users to donate directly in the room. After making a payment, the message will be highlighted in a different color. Ability to select permission for who can donate. Select a donation goal from Commerce. Easy to setup the color for SuperChat based on the donation amount. Sending system notification when someone donates to the room. Tools for admin: Delete all system messages Delete all room's messages Delete all conversation Import messages from the Chatbox FREE Extra features: Supports playing a song from Musicbox Report center integration allows users to report bad massages. Auto loads old messages when scrolling down (or up). Highlight the message row if someone mentions you. Flood control, max messages, limit characters, sorting messages... Display number of online users in Chat menu. Display counter of characters when typing message. *NEW* Support IPS Link Filter for disallowed/allowed links. *NEW* Lazy load images. Fully responsive.

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    About This File Live Streams is a video live stream application that allows users to broadcast live video content over platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Watch, like, and share live events and connect your events to audiences on the web. Distribute high-quality video to your website and stream your content live. Supported Platforms: YouTube.com Twitch.tv Mixer.com Smashcast.tv Features: Create unlimited categories Create unlimited packages Charge for adding streams Internal grant system Adult Channels (age verification 18+) Comments Comment recommendations Messages in streams Live Chat Set stream cover Create topic when adding streams More screens: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/gallery/album/84-sd-live-streams/ Demo: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/streams/ Youtube API configuration:

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    Version 4.3.6


    IPS Community Suite 4.3.6 Released 9/20/2018 WebFlake Note: Please create a support topic if you need assistance. As always, we recommend that you backup your current installation (database included) before upgrading.

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    Version 1.0.0


    WP Smush Pro allows you to maximize image compression through WordPress Manager. The plugin offers: compress images by removing metadata from files with the Jpeg extension; due to optimization of data compression in the file; turning Gif files into indexed PNGs; size savings are also achieved by stripping unused colors from indexed images. A simple but effective way to compress images will be relevant for any site. Due to this, space is saved, the site can work with a much lower load, especially in cases where it stores a huge number of images. This will be relevant in cases where you need to place a lot of images, but without losing their quality, as well as preserving the original size. Demo An example of using the plugin is a lot of sites - the types of pages where this plugin can be used include personal blogs, portfolio sites and online store sites. For each unit of goods, the site developer will need to place at least 1 image. If the assortment of the store is wide (and this is the main aspect for attracting visitors and increasing sales), you need to show the goods on the best side - this is a textual description of the goods, characteristics, and availability of photos of the goods. Namely, with the help of the WP Smush Pro plugin, you can download a large number of images, while maximally saving space and site resources.

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    Hi all, for remove the notification update of IPS : Edit your theme in html & css => search : ipsMessage => select : updateWarning => comment the code <!-- you code page of updateWarning -->and save Now you have no more notification of new update of IPS
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    Version 16


    Spacious 16 is for 4.4.x. Do not use with 4.3.x or lower. Screenshots and text below is for previous version. Will get this perked up ASAP. See changelog for recent additions/improvements. There's a lot to go through - let's get started! Theme Tweaks: Header, primary, and secondary menu background colors fully configurable. Header, primary, and secondary menu font colors fully configurable. Change background color of message information and message warnings. Option for tighter row spacing throughout. Page fade-in animation effect for an app-like feel. Secondary menu options have mouse-over hover effect so you can actually see what you are about to select. Secondary menu options have expanded hotlink area across the entire list element instead of just the text: easy navigation for you! Change the name of the ACP to whatever you want! Un-sticky the ACP header to gain more screen-estate when scrolling. Optional modern-style dashboard widget format. Square-up toggles. Change animation speeds on dialog popups - strongly recommended as these often act as speed limiters. New Suite Version announcements and ACP warnings new look. Lots more! Login Page: Add a background or just change the color. The login box is totally customizable as well including transparency and the option to add additional text. Swap out the full Invision logo for just the icon. Dashboard Patches and Updates: 3rd Party Apps and Plugins that use the update push functionality still only indicate updates on the application and plugin pages in the ACP and unless an admin has business on those pages they are rarely seen. Spacious ACP lets you add buttons to the dashboard to handle this. When a 3rd Party app has an update, the button will appear on the dashboard - click it and a dialog will popup showing the the app, when it was updated, and if the app author has provided it, an update button that will take you to the download page to get it. Of course, that is just a link to the item - the user will still need permissions to download it (for example, many times this link just goes to the Invision Marketplace listing) Invision often pushes out silent patches. These are not announced publicly and are only available if you re-download your copy of the suite from the client area or if you hit the support tool - something isn't working - if a patch is available it will list it there. This doesn't seem ideal so like the 3rd Party update button I've included a button for these silent patches. If a patch is available, the button will appear on the dashboard. Clicking it opens a dialog window listing what the patch addresses and a button to apply it. Although any ACP user will see this information, users will need permissions to apply patches/updates in order for the button to work. In both the above cases, if there are no updates, no buttons will appear! Additional System Tweaks: Plugin versions displayed alongside plugins. IPS News widget reformatted to not waste so much space. Online Admins widget now with avatars! (Note this widget should be renamed to ACP Users as that is what it is actually displaying, not admins online in your community) Your most online stat is ALWAYS being tracked, not just tracked when the stats widget is on a page on the front end! Restores ACP favicon. Upload whatever you like (ico format for now) or use the giant black IPS ico provided. PM members from the member page! S3 file methods will now display endpoint and directory structure in their listed names allowing you to actually tell the difference between various S3 entities. PHPInfo on the support page now fires off in a new tab/window instead of hijacking your ACP session. Add a Wipe Caches button to the dashboard and skip hitting the support tool! Can also add a link to the tasks list, admin logs, and moderator logs to the dashboard! Stuff I've probably forgotten... New Widgets! Spacious Widgets are flagged with a block "S" in the Add button dropdown list. The downward pointing triangles next to the widget titles can be toggle on or off in Spacious ACP settings. The 90-Day graphs that some widgets have are configurable for fill style, color, line width, etc. They will by default pull whatever color your ACP header is set to. System Overview Real-time server load, IPS installation size, IPS database size, memory available (or free), storage space available, options for Community in the Cloud customers, database details including your database engine and character search limits. Graph colors match your chosen ACP header colors, option to over-ride. When memory/server space becomes critical graphs go red! You configure when the memory and server space warnings kick in! Details button for more information - server location map if Google Maps, etc. is enabled. That little blip you see on the right in the diskspace rail in the screenshot above is the size of your local IPS installation (anything within your IPS directory plus your IPS database size) - you get both the actual numeric size and a graphic representation against your drive. System Errors Lists the last five system errors so you can actually see what problems are occurring under the hood. Those last five errors are on a look-back basis meaning the five most recent system errors that have occurred between three to seven days ago (configurable). Two errors over the last five days? Those two will display. No errors within that time span will display the "All Systems Go!" look as seen above. Widget will always provide a numeric count of the last 30 days worth of errors though that number will not be totally correct if you have set system error logs to purge less than 30 days. I strongly recommend having this on your dashboard. Just because your system appears to be running smoothly does not mean 3rd Party apps and plugins, or Invision apps even, are not throwing errors. These may be pointers to server problems or bugs that need to be reported. This widget provides direct links to the actual error reports and a button to the full list of system errors. 3rd party developers do not have a built in error reporting system like IPS does right now and we can only fix what we know about. Gallery Overview Mostly a rework of the default Gallery widget but with better formatting. Note the default widget (and this one) only tracks the storage space of the original images, not all the copies actually made and used by the IPS system - those stats are not saved anywhere. Includes the four newest images along with the four most viewed. Widget is fine wide or side. Not shown is the 90 day graph. This is configurable on or off as unless your site sees daily Gallery uploads the graph can look pretty barren. Forum Statistics The most glaring IPS omission. Tracks graphically 90 days worth of topics started and responses made. Includes live today counts. Also include a ratio-rail so you can easily see if topics are being started but no one is talking... Some basic lifetime counts plus a look at who your recent positive contributors are. Explaining the New 90-Day Charts... These are unified across all of the widgets and work as follows. The graph itself is 90 days worth of data starting from whatever constitutes "yesterday" (i.e. not today) and then 90 days back in total. This way there is no partial data of "today" involved. Directly beneath the graph are blocks for the last seven days with the actual numbers for the data within. In effect the last seven days on the graph is just duplicated in numeric form underneath the entire graph. You get the best of both worlds in that you get 90 days displayed graphically, including trendline, but without x and y axis involvement, and you can still see the most recent hard numbers at a glance. The graph is live of course - just hover over the line to have the data points pop up. Opposite of the graph title if applicable, you will get the current "today" count of the thing being depicted. If you are still confused just ask in the support topic. Member Statistics Still getting worked on - more to come! A rail that shows the counts and ratio of your community members. From right to left members active the past seven days, the last eight to ninety days, the last ninety-one days to one year back (not shown in this screen shot). All remaining registered members that have not visited your community in the last year are flagged as inactive. If you are having your members list their birthdays, you can also get a rough median age for your members. Naturally this statistic is not worth all that much as often times members input false birthdays but in large communities this number will probably give you a decent idea of your member age. Alexa Get your Alexa ranking (for whatever that's worth...) right in your dashboard. Both global and national. Updates daily and flags trending up or down from previous check. This widget is also undergoing additional dev as Alexa things have changed. Next Spacious version or two will see this one perked up with some longer term tracking. Most Active Topics Last 3 Days As stated. Based on topic responses only. Maximum of five listed. Useful for large boards where admins can likely miss where the action is at any given time. More widgets on the way... Version 14 is EXCLUSIVELY for Invision Community 4.3. Do not use on 4.2. There are older versions of Spacious ACP available in the version dropdown if you need a 4.2 compatible version - appearance and features will be different from this current description of course. For Invision Community 4.4 use version 16 or higher. Installation: There is just a single application file (tar) and an optional IPS black browser .ico file. Install the tar like you would any other application. All Astronauts application all have their settings in the ACP under a new AA tab. You can't miss it - and that's it! Heads Up! Widgets with Google Charts in them can sometimes render weird when you first drag them onto the dashboard. Just refresh the page. On install AND upgrades, Spacious tasks are automatically marked as never ran (this behavior is standard for all app tasks as of 4.3). Some widgets rely on pulling saved information that is generated by these tasks. Feel free to manually run any Spacious tasks to spark the process along if you do not feel like waiting 10-15 minutes (or longer for some stats). Notes: Some of the new widgets give you a sampling of statistical information you probably want about your site and though you can request that I add some things of this nature to Spacious Widgets they will probably NOT be added as that will require storing substantial information in the database. That's well beyond the scope of an ACP theme and some add-on widgets. Better off in a separate application where it can be done right. Be sure and look at the default statistics tab: somewhere along the line in the 4.2 series they've improved things there a lot. In some server/hosting situations some data I try to read for the System Overview widget may not be accessible. Do not buy this if the Server Overview widget is the only thing you are interested in. No refunds will be approved due to some elements of that widget not working correctly on your site. Specifically, you will need allow read access to the /proc directory on Centos/Red Hat/Ubuntu systems and in some cases you may have an Apache setting called open_basedir preventing this. A simple file edit on your server will usually solve this. VestaCP users will need to edit some configuration templates to change this variable.

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    Version 4.4.10


    Main Features: Display thumbnails of topics in the main forum view. Topic's authors or member groups that you specify can change thumbnails. They can choose a thumbnail from images in topic content, external URL, or upload from computer. Ability to generate the thumbnail from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Wistia. Using Ajax, no need to reload the page after changing the thumbnails. Support "Gallery View Mode" with big images in a responsive grid. Widget to display new topics with thumbnails. Option to replace Forum Icons with Topic Thumbnail. Thumbnails in search results, activity. Permissions for viewing and changing thumbnails. A Toggle Show/Hide for members. Support IPS Clubs.

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    Version 4.2.4


    Behemoth Behemoth is a modern, Creative, Super advanced theme comes with a lot of customization's and features including Google fonts, custom html full-sized widgets, Extra footer, Social links, News ticker, Custom forum category styles, Six of awesome article templates and a powerful touch slider that can be integrated with (Pages) as a complete package for infinite slider. theme colors are entirely customizable with easy settings, Comes with a palette where you can with one click switch between a Dark/Light version of the theme. DEMO WF Users: I apologize for no Screenshots. IPS was not letting me download them. Key Features Palette. 2 color schemes. Dark & Light versions included. One click to switch your website between the color schemes. You can also customize from any of the colors schemes you want all within theme settings. Color Management %99 all theme colors are customizable with color settings. Without touching a line of code you can change the entire front-end colors all in a theme editing page. Customize colors of CK Editor, Widgets, Navigation's, Social links, Topic background, Author panel background, Forms & Toggles, Pagination & tabs, Buttons, Notifications, Messages...etc). Forum Category Styles. Set a custom background, title background, colors, and a cover to specific forums. No custom css or coding knowledge is required, All you have to do is selecting forums and apply your colors. Footer. Enable/Disable footer. optionally show/hide on mobiles and tablets. Editor field column. with a header text field and a Truncatable option. Custom HTML field column. provided with a sample for quick links. Pages application column to get records from database. Color settings for footer background, Header color, Text color & link hover color. Upload a background image for footer, with an optional setting to apply opacity. Advanced Footer Application. With advanced footer application you can have ultimate footer columns. Add footer rows, Add any number of custom column blocks, feed from all IPS applications. add different footers for different themes and more... Custom Widgets. Add Two Editor field widgets to show on top or bottom of your website. Optionally show it to specific pages like Registration, Login, Staff directory, User profiles ...etc). Set user group permissions, customize colors and backgrounds. Great for guest messages, or custom html. Advanced Custom Widgets Plugin. Advanced custom widgets allows you to add Sticky and Normal custom TXT and HTML widgets to your website. Each widget you add is fully customizable with its own configuration settings. Wide/Boxed layout. RTL Support. Theme add-ons Swiper Slider. Swiper is a powerful and a modern touch slider integrated in this theme, You can add 5 custom slides. also feeds from Pages app. Enable/Disable Swiper. Who can see. Where to show. Excludable from IPS applications and other pages on the site. Add custom slider height. Show pagination. Show navigation. Enable/Disable Autoplay. Loop Mode. Swiping mode. Lazy Loading. Add a texture overlay. Add a color overlay. Sliding Effects. Custom Slider content CSS, background color, Title color and title font size. Slider image position. 5 Custom and reorderable Sliders. Each slider have its own Editor field, Title field, Image field and User group permissions. Swiper Slider Application With swiper slider application you can add infinite custom sliders, and feed from IPS applications ( Downloads, Pages, Gallery ). on thefly add/edit sliders. give permissions for those you want to add sliders and more... News Ticker. With this horizontal and auto scrolling news ticker present headlines or minor updates on your website. Customize background and text color of tickers. Add a news ticker title with options to customize background, text color. News Ticker Plugin News Ticker plugin comes with many more options and configurations to customize including a couple more different styles. and on the fly add/edit tickers with options for who can add/edit... and more...

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    Version 2.1.5


    Description: This add-on allow you to generate invitation codes to join your forum and more. Invitation code is required for registration, you can manage your codes easily ! Feature summary : Options : Code required during registration Tokens per page Validity of the invitation code : Permanent Until X days Add token : Title User groups Maximum usable Add token user : Title User Maximum usable Alert when a member registered using your invitation code Profile tab : Invitation List code : Filters Show invited users User criteria for trophies/notice : User has invited at least X users User has invited no more than X users Search criteria in the ACP : Most invitations Member stats : Most invitations Banned users : User name Ban length : Permanent Until Reason for banning Permissions Admin : Manage invitation system User : Can invite someone Branding : This add-on does not include branding. Installation : Download and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/XenSoluce/InviteSystem directory to your server. From the AdminCP install the add-on.

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    Version 1.0.0


    Simple plugin to modify background settings in profile name and group on profile view. Compatible with IPS 4.2/4.3/4.4

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    can any one here help to get Plugins like this :
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    Carbon, named after the carbon texture which is used throughout the design, is a dark theme for IPS.Suite 4.x and is especially perfect for gaming sites. The blue color scheme can be modified easily with a few simple clicks in your ACP theme settings, and your members can customize the theme themselves by choosing their own background image from a preset array!

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    Version 2.0.2


    This is a simple addon, does a very interesting task. Activate this addon,it will add fake users and guests online status to your forum so it will appear busy. Invalid, banned and invisible users will not be included by default at the fake users list. FEATURES: Fake online specific user. Fake random user in a specific user group. Fake random user activity. Set guest online count. Can select Fake activiy action . INSTALLATION: Download AwesomeForo-FakeOnline-2.0.0.zip and unzip it. Copy the src directory to your server. Install the add-on in the Admin CP.

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    Version 4.4.7


    Works with the latest versions of these applications: IP.Board 4.4.x Admin Control Panel IP.Commerce IP.Pages IP.Downloads IP.Gallery IP.Blog IP.Calendar Chatbox Clubs Subscriptions & More! Included in the download: - Skin XML file for installation - Matching Admin CP Theme - All fonts used throughout the skin - logo.psd - team-icon.psd - IBTheme copyright and license agreement - Links to purchase add-ons like installation, copyright removal, logo text change, etc.

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    Version 1.3.2


    About This File The long-awaited awards application for IPS has arrived! iAwards provides administrators the ability to award their members with badges that show in their profile and, if chosen, on their posts. Standalone this application has the ability to manually award members and to award members based on the amount of awards the member has. You can award both from the ACP as well as from the create menu at the top of your site. In order to give everyone a fully customizable way to award we have integrated it with the Rules application. This gives you the power to award your members based on rules that you create instead of the ones that we think up. Features include: Choose location of awards – Under the post or under the author pane. Hide awards – To allow members to show the ones they want. Award based on number of awards. Manual awarding. Upgrade Tools for both HQ Awards and Awards (Free). Category and awards management. Support topic at IPS: Click Here For the best support please register at http://bbcode.it Recommended addons: Automation Rules Lite or Automation Rules Full iAwards Guide By @Chris59: Award-Guide-v1.0.pdf What's New in Version 1.3.2 See changelog Released August 18 widgets now follow new framework rules some minor fixes

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    Version 2.1.2


    This application will allow users from specific user groups to add notes to members, in order to have better control of the member's life in the community Adding Notes: Users from specific groups can add notes in two places: + Create menu Directly on user Profile, on a new tab called Notes, where notes can be edited or deleted, if you have permission to do it. Directly on member's posts Features: New tab called Member Notes on ModeratorCP -> Member Management to display notes from all members, where notes can be edited or deleted, if you have permission to do it. Number of notes on user's posts, linked to the tab in his profile. You can also add a note from the post. Number of notes on user's personal card (mini profile on hover user link) Widget to display the latest notes. Notification to all users who can view notes when someone gets a new note. Ability to send a private message to the member with the note content. Group permissions: Can view notes Can add notes Can edit notes Can delete notes Settings: Show the PM option on Member Notes form

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    Version 4.4.2


    Latest retail version of the Novus theme from IPSFocus. I couldn't find this theme anywhere so I decided to post it here for everybody,

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    Version 2.9.2


    Eicra Tour Script is a custom built solution that covers the end to end operations of Holiday divisions. The solution manages all reservation (air, car, hotels, activities, insurance and packages), inventory and back office processes via a fully integrated reservation system. Travel tour operators may post travel deals and other users may search for deals and order using PayPal or other merchant secure checkout. It is a complete Tour script for your Tour & Travels business. UNZIP! READ THE 'READ ME' FILE INSIDE FOR EXTENSIVE DOCUMENTATION LINK. THEN UPLOAD THE FILES INSIDE 'UPLOAD' FOLDER TO YOUR SERVER AND INSTALL USING ON-SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS. IN ANY QUERY, POST IN SUPPORT SECTION. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS HERE. This is being used in many commercial sites. This is a collected script but I have used this script in a site with no problem. Note: The zip file is password protected. Open the file with WinRAR and you will see the password. Downloaders are requested to leave some reviews. If you give a negative reputation, please mention the cause, otherwise you will be reported. Thank you.

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    Version 1.2.1


    Member Lists Pro by @Fosters gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of ways to customize, craft, and populate your member lists. Create staff lists, create clan lists, create special lists, create multiple lists, create as many custom member lists as you want! Break beyond the standard IPS member list with a customized set of tools and designs to connect your members with a more meaningful set of userdata. Member Lists Pro is perfect for gaming and clan communities; dating and social communities; regional and geographic communities; and any community that demands a more specialized set of memberlists. This application enables you to curate new memberlists based on multiple criteria like primary group, secondary group, validating status, avatar, and content count. You also control how the list is displayed, with powerful design options to show group icon, join date, reputation, birthday, content count, ranks, and options to View Content and Send PM.

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    Version 1.0.1


    Theme BORX based on modern trends of design and focused on community games theme. A large number of settings are available for full customization of the style.Selected fonts and colors are perfect for gaming forums, beautifully displaying all the content on your site.

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    Version 1.0.8


    @Version 1.0.8 Removed all the green elements and replaced with blue ones. Modified templates templates. Errors were removed when adding a topic.

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    i should learn to read Thx for this modification.. I needed to open a link i made with the menu manager in a new rizeable window. Now i added some onclick() attributes and i've got what i need.
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    Version 1.0.2


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    If this happends after host move. Try admincp > system > support And delete bad cache.
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    [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=tahoma][size=5]Build Awesome Communities[/size][/font][/color] [i]The IPS Community Suite is a flexible, integrated set of apps for building great communities on the web. Discuss, share & interact like never before.[/i] [i][url="http://nullrefer.com/?http://www.invisionpower.com/apps/board/"]IP.Board[/url] is a fully featured community platform including forums, members profiles, calendar, status system, integration, and much, much more.[/i] [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=tahoma][size=2][font=helvetica]The release of IP.Board 3.4.5 is a maintenance release and includes [url="http://nullrefer.com/?http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/?sort_col=record_updated&sort_order=desc&per_page=25&filters%5B62%5D%5B0%5D=3.4.5&reverse_filters%5B62%5D=1"]bug fixes[/url].[/font][/size][/font][/color] [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=tahoma][size=2][font=helvetica]Different Report IPB 3.4.4 > IPB 3.4.5 included[/font][/size][/font][/color]

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    Why to do that when we can edit the settings in the app section. You have a setting for that in advanced tab.
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