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    Version 4.2.7


    IPS Community Suite 4.2.7 Released 1/10/2018 WebFlake Note: Please create a support topic if you need assistance. As always, we recommend that you backup your current installation (database included) before upgrading.
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    Version 1.1.0 Beta 4


    About This File This application is in beta stage! Only use it if you are comfortable using beta software! This application will NOT embed any kind of chat into your forum! This will merely syncs groups/roles and posts notifications from your forum to discord. Role syncing only works one-way (IPS->Discord). Features: Group/Role syncing. OAUTH2 authentication for IPS. Ban syncing. Post automated notifications to channels about new topics/posts. Post automated notifications to channels about new calendar events. Post automated notifications to channels about new downloads. Why is the price so "high"? I raised the price quite a bit to cut down support requests, so I can focus more on building new features. As it stands now, I have not worked on new features for months but only on support requests.
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    Version 2.1.3


    This is an updated version of the 2.1.1 which is posted here this version is 2.1.3 Enjoy.
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    Version 1.3.0


    I HAVE BOUGHT VERSION 1.3.0 AND small ty would be great for this share specially if you want me to share my other paid downloads. This is for IPS 4.2.x ALSO WILL WORK ON 4.1.x and other 4.x TESTED ON MY 4.2.7 and it works great. About This File Trophies and medals is the best new way to award trophies to the community in the complete system of rewards! It offers interesting and attractive new way to give a reward ( "trophies and the medal") for your community, based on the conditions and criteria that you get to determine, or you can manually enable moderators to give awards for the unique circumstances! Trophies and medals also includes a REST API, so that the application can be extended to unlimited possibilities. - Are you looking for the premium application, where you can automatically provide rewards, prizes and medals based on forum posts, topic, and many others? - Do you want to increase the re-engagement, giving awards? Or you are struggling to grow a new community? - You want to add new functions Gamification encourage positive behavior as the quality of the wiring? - Are you looking for more opportunities outside the IPS Leaderboard adjust the levels, types and images of the awards? - Do you want to monetize Community ($$) and add bonuses for members of the payment? - Are you looking for a well-supported application using a third-party IPS, which IPS is passionate about supporting the community? Start creating a complete system of rewards with trophies and medals! THINGS TO KNOW competition - Trophies * * automatically awarded based on the criteria. Criteria defined in the ACP. Medals - Medals will be awarded * * manually by moderators and administrators. They are listed on the front end. The app supports both trophies and medals! This application allows you to make the trophies awarded automatically to their members on the basis of the following criteria Integration - the API the REST - Rules automate Carwile @Kevin - Sources @fosters HOW TO INSTALL file is an application (.TAR), which can be installed in the ACP. 1. Go to System> Applications 2. Click on the "Install" button 3. Upload a .tar file and click on the "Install" button. Fixed bugs: Fixed an issue where offline criteria were not raised New opportunities: A new setting for max. prizes and medals in the template postbit Virustotal says 1 out 65 vex7b67.webshel I looked on Google and there is nothing on Google i think 1 of the lines in code has that line in it so its detectong it as false positive for that name. if anyone does find something suspicous please reply here so I can update Thank you
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    IPS Community Suite Released 05/10/2017 WebFlake Note: Please create a support topic if you need assistance. As always, we recommend that you backup your current installation (database included) before upgrading.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Facebook reactions - includes a PSD file and also transparent png-s with high and low resolution to use in your forum to replace the standard reactions icons.
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    With all of the excitement as of late about WebFlake potentially adding our own license to software distributions, I want to be perfectly clear: WebFlake has not, nor will we ever, require a license or implement a licensing system. It's unfortunate that the try-before-buy scene has become what it has: communities more interested in self-importance than its users. No one in this market has any moral standing with which to stake a claim to content distributions -- it defeats the purpose of "free". These licensing systems might claim to be about "exclusivity" but really, it's about ego and monetization of an equal-value product they foolishly believe they own the rights to. An attempt to corner the market, thereby alienating a significant number of users. As a result of this nonsense, WebFlake is going to show good faith in the community and challenge the status quo. Effective today, we are officially lifting our longtime policy against leeching. Group-based download restrictions will remain as they are but we will no longer actively enforce an anti-leeching policy. You are free to download our content and do with it whatever you so desire. We're confident that our work and this website speaks for itself. It is our hope that our integrity, professionalism, and tireless drive to be the absolute best instills your confidence in WebFlake. Most importantly perhaps, you can rest assured that our content will always be license free. Please be aware of the risk you put yourself in by agreeing to any of these new license agreements with other communities. WebFlake will still be here.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Swiper Slider Swiper Slider slider is a modern touch slider, You can add fully controllable and customizable slides, comes with a lot of options and customization's to work the way you desire. You can configure the slider to show on specific pages or exclude it anywhere you want. Note: This slider application is not developed to show forum topics, pages records or contents from any other applications, at least not in this version. This is simply made to create custom slides but in feature updates i will possibly be adding automatic settings to pull forum topics, pages records, downloads files, gallery images...etc to show in the slider Features Excludable from showing on any applications you have installed, You can also exclude it from showing on any "Pages" pages. Highly customizable options, Add custom slider width or auto width, Change slider height, margin's, set loop mode, Show navigation or Pagenition, Autoplay, show slider author name ..etc) Change slide effects, Texture or color overlay effects. Show slider author, Hide on mobiles and/or tablets. Set permissions for who can see/add/edit sliders. Each sliders can have different options regarding the background image and permissions. See screenshots below for more information... Slider settings
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    Version 2.1.2


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Block users. Announcement (on Top or Tab). Supports emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) Supports GIPHY Supports youtube. @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages. What's New in Version 2.1.2 ? Missing language bits. CSS issues.
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    Version 2.0.2


    2 display modes: Grid view & List view. Categories/subcategories. Custom fields for video's informations. Protected custom fields that only display for logged members, or who liked the video. Search videos by custom fields. Video Collections: create/edit/remove the collections for your videos. Widgets: top poster, top videos, random videos, featured videos in slider, collections in carousel, quick search by custom fields,... Pages system: easy to add new page with custom content. Uploading or using external video url (supports: mp4, m4v, webm, flv, rmtp, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion). Using VideoJS Framework to play video formats: mp4, m4v, webm, flv. Full support for VTT captions. Watermark on video player. Media Tags system to define your custom player embedded from any video services (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion...). Live Streams for Twitch.tv, Mixer.com and Smashcast.tv. Friendly URL. Comment system. Rating system. Following system. Clubs (IPS 4.2.x) *New* Reactions (IPS 4.2.x) *New* Tags. Latest Videos RSS feed. Pages system: easy to add new page with custom content. WORKING FINE FOR v4.2.7
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    Version 1.0.2


    Notice: In order to use this expansion pack on your site, you must first install Automation Rules Synopsis The forums rules expansion brings the following important ECA's to your rules: Events: Automate site features based on forums events Saved Action used in forums ( rules can be triggered by saved actions ) Best answer set in Questions forum Best answer unset in Questions forum Conditions: Easily check for QA forums conditions Topic is in a questions/answers forum Question has a best answer set Actions: Take actions on QA forums Set a best answer for a question Unset a best answer for a question
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    Version 1.0.8


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    Version 1.1.2


    Infraskew is a universal style for the IPS Community Suite 4.2 forum. A unique footer, a news sticker, a slider, templates for applications and much more.
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    This is a complete rewrite of my popular portal system for XenForo. XenPorta is an article system and front-end that allows you to give a more professional look to the front-facing sections of your forum. It's built completely within XenForo's existing structure and does not add any new content types to manage. My effort with this new version was to slim it down, make it easier to use, and get rid of the bloat. Demo: Basic Features: Promote threads on your forums into an articles index Promote threads on your forums into a feature slider Define specific users as "authors" with their own byline Change the look of articles to look more news content Uses XenForo 2's built-in widget management system Installation: Follows the basic XF addon procedures: https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/add-ons/#installing-or-upgrading-an-add-on Don't forget to set up your permissions Upgrading from XF1: After installing this addon, head to your admin control panel Run the appropriate import procedure in Tools > Import Data
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    Version 1.1.0


    iAwards provides administrators the ability to award their members with badges that show in their profile and, if chosen, on their posts. Standalone this application has the ability to manually award members and to award members based on the amount of awards the member has. You can award both from the ACP as well as from the create menu at the top of your site. In order to give everyone a fully customizable way to award we have integrated it with the Rules application. This gives you the power to award your members based on rules that you create instead of the ones that we think up. Features include: Choose location of awards – Under the post or under the author pane. Hide awards – To allow members to show the ones they want. Award based on number of awards. Manual awarding. Upgrade Tools for both HQ Awards and Awards (Free). Category and awards management.
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    FontAwesome Forum Icons So this is to get the forum icons like we currently have. You need at least some css & html knowledge and be able to use google/firefox's developer tools. Getting your Forum IDs For this to work at all you need to know the forum ID's you want to change. You can find these by right clicking them and checking the data-forumid attribute: You can also see the forum ID if you edit the forum in the admin cp, at the end of the url: Adding some template code Go to the theme and open up the following template: forums > front > index > forumRow At the end of every instance of a span with the class ipsItemStatus: <span class='ipsItemStatus You will need to add this little bit of code before the closing ">". data-forumID="{$forum->_id}" On the default themes that's line 12, 16, 20 and 28. It will look something like this: Adding the CSS This is where you'll need your forum ID numbers. This is also how i implemented them into the WebFlake CSS. Open your custom.css and add the following code: /* ========================================================================== FORUM ICONS ========================================================================== */ /*== [Category Name] ==*/ span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='1'] > i:before{ content: "\f015" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='2'] > i:before{ content: "\f059" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='3'] > i:before{ content: "\f188" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='4'] > i:before{ content: "\f0f4" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='5'] > i:before{ content: "\f135" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='6'] > i:before{ content: "\f007" } Remember the forum IDs from earlier? You'll need to change the numbers here with your own forum IDs. You can copy/paste these lines for every forum you have, the reason i add the category names as comments is because in the future if stuff changes i won't lose track of which category is which. Change the "\f015" part with whatever FontAwesome icon you want. Go to http://fontawesome.io/icons/ and click the icon you want for your forum, for example "home". Copy the "unicode" part and replace it in your css. Keep the "\" backslash in there. If you have forum icons set as images currently, you will need to remove them. And that's it, you will now have customizable forum icons for your forums.
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    Version 2.1.1


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Supports emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) Supports GIPHY plugin. Supports youtube. @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages.
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    This application will allow users from specific user groups to add notes to members, in order to have better control of the member's life in the community Adding Notes: Users from specific groups can add notes in two places: + Create menu Directly on user Profile, on a new tab called Notes, where notes can be edited or deleted, if you have permission to do it. Directly on member's posts Features: New tab called Member Notes on ModeratorCP -> Member Management to display notes from all members, where notes can be edited or deleted, if you have permission to do it. Number of notes on user's posts, linked to the tab in his profile. You can also add a note from the post. Number of notes on user's personal card (mini profile on hover user link) Widget to display the latest notes. Notification to all users who can view notes when someone gets a new note. Ability to send a private message to the member with the note content. Group permissions: Can view notes Can add notes Can edit notes Can delete notes Settings: Show the PM option on Member Notes form Notes: This version contains an upgrader, so you will get the notes from this hook for IP.Board 3.4. Due to the rework on this app (every new resource has to be done from the scratch to run on IPS4 and it was a hook on 3.4), a new purchase is required. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Version 1.0.2


    This application extends Kevin Carwile's Group Collaboration application, adding per-collab, per-role badges. These badges display in the user panel next to every forum post/reply. Per-role badges are managed in the Group Collaboration > Collab Management > Manage Roles panel. Settings are provided for maximum badge width/height, maximum memberships to display and maximum number of roles per collab to display.
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    Removed the "handler" tag from the Bug Tracker. Created a handful of warning templates to avoid confusion from warning reasons that don't quite make sense. DISCORD: moved welcome, departure, and ban messages to a new #member-log channel. DISCORD: added a new #giveaways channel. DISCORD: added HatBot (custom hats for your avatar) and Rythm (music bot). DISCORD: adjusted bot command prefixes to the following: Tatsumaki: t! Rythm: $ HatBot: !! View full release
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    Version 2.1.1


    Dreadnought is a dark style for the IPS Community Suite forum with a huge number of settings for every taste. The style has a native slider, a set of widgets, a running line with topical themes, and so on.
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    Version 2.0.1


    With this app you can allow your members invite other members. Features: enable/disable system, select allowed groups to use this mod, three invite types: free -> user may or may not enter inviter name; force -> user must enter inviter name; invite only: user must be referred by invite form (with hashed keycode), list of all invited users, list of all invited users in ACP with filter options, invites by referral link, points system integration (any system!), promotion to the new group after reaching specific amount of referred users, ability to enable/disable member powers to raising people via ACP, info in member profiles about referrer, ability to add/edit/remove referred transactions, ability to turn off the "Referrer Information" block in profiles, ability to award referrer if his referrred member made topic/post, invite form, option to enable/disable custom invite message, option to disable invites from the same IP and much more, resend option to resend sent invites, option to approve transaction only if referrer add more than X defined posts. Note: it's a first release of this app for a 4.x series. it's a lifetime purchase! Once time buy = lifetime updates (for a 4.x serie). What's New in Version 2.0.1 See changelog Released December 6, 2017 added option to choose place to display referral link with short description where to use it added option to redirect to custom URL after click on an invite url by referred friend changed checking or referred member to more convenient some other tweaks and fixes fixed error related to promote system
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    Version 1.1.3


    This is a simple plugin that alters the amount of text/image shown in quote boxes. The changes are purely visual, no permanent change will be done to the stored post. It is also backward compatible with older posts. And everything will be restored if the plugin is disabled/uninstalled. What's New in Version 1.1.3 Released January 19 1.1.3 Added a setting to select the groups that can use this. Useful if you think this has an impact on SEO and you want to disable it for guests/search engines. 1.1.2 1.1.1 Fixing the fade effect to use the original color of the quote box, Removed the fade effect if the background color is partially transparent, couldn't find a way to make that look good. 1.1.0 New setting: You can choose to NOT minimize the first appearance of a quote. If the original post is not on the same page, and it's the first time the post is quoted on a new page, the quote box will not be minimized. Useful if you have a forum where your members "carry stuff over" to the next page by quoting the post. A fade effect on the bottom of the quote box will give your users a clearer indication that there is more content that is truncated.
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    Next time use search I know it says it's for 4.1 but this will work o 4.2 ALSO
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    As I've just released this around a week ago I'd like to finally show off what I've been working on for a couple of months. Link: https://visionary-garden.com/ Forums link: https://visionary-garden.com/forums/ Date of creation: 1/19/2018 Member count: 28 I revised the ecilia romania them to be an almost complete rewrite and recolor of everything it had, along with using an SVG standard for logos across the board, and making it much more mobile friendly. Along with rebranding all the colors it has, and even making the first background it has change to the background you upload in the profile area. VG tries to go with a very minimal, clean-cut approach to it's branding and how it presents itself. The reason being we see a lot of other Roleplay groups don't really have a specific vision or design set in place, and we want to try and set a better standard for how these sorts of things work. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!
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    Version 1.0.3


    About This File First install add-ons, next install theme and theme editor. PLEASE NOTE SOME SECTIONS ARE IN RUSSIAN SO YOU WILL HAVE TO EDIT THEM TO YOUR NEEDS.
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    Thank you so much STAR! 1.3 will benefit my forum greatly! I will install and leave feedback on your download page when I have it up and running! Kind Regards Caleeco
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    I posted 1.3.0 version if this helps
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    Personally, I would rather use the "announcement" feature under the moderator control panel. This is as close as you'll get to a "global pinned topic" without custom coding.
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    Version 5.0.0 Beta 7


    DragonByte Credits is a highly advanced credits system for XenForo that offers advanced functionality suitable for casual activity and serious eCommerce engines alike. Uses DragonByte Credits allows you to create powerful "Events" that can occur throughout your forum. With advanced features such as charging, random additions and taxation, you can create truly interesting combination of events that allows you an unprecendented amount of control over your credits. Our Currency Manager allows you to create virtually unlimited different currencies, each with their own set of Events. Want to make a premium currency that can only be earned a certain way? DragonByte Credits gives you the tools to do so. Backed up by an advanced Transaction Log, you'll know exactly where all your credits come and go. Demo Board To try out the full version of this product (and all other DragonByte Tech XenForo products), please request a demo board via this page: http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/info/xfdemo Major Features DragonByte Shop Integration: All of your DragonByte Shop purchases will show up in DragonByte Credits, allowing you to fully utilise the power of the Credits mod to support your Shop! Powerful Events: You can create events and fine tune their functionality quickly and easily, with support for most XenForo functionality. Redemption Codes: Via the "Redeem" event, you can create coupon codes your users can apply to instantly earn credits! [CHARGE=X] BBCodes: Via the "Content" event, users can charge other users to view certain content. Alerts: Full XenForo Alert support for all 30+ event types (current & upcoming)! Developer Friendly: Powerful callback support for all Credits actions, as well as full XFCP support for extending virtually every piece of functionality and every action page! Complete Feature List Currency Management Allows you to create different currencies stored in different database tables or columns Control the rounding applied to the currency Choose how to handle negative credits (reset to 0, show 0 or allow negatives) Choose the currency's visibility (show to designated usergroups, show to self and designated usergroups, or show to everyone) Prefix and Suffix support for display purposes Advanced settings to control table integration Event Trigger Management Review a list of the different events, grouped by category While in debug mode, settings can be altered if you are creating a new event trigger or you know what each setting does Event Triggers are grouped under Accounts, Time, Discussions, Networking, Sharing, Behaviour or Options Inactive event triggers are not yet implemented and will be enabled in a future version Event Management Review a list of the different events, grouped by currency Create new events with powerful options (see screenshots) Mass update the events from the list view User Management Search for users using the same search fields as the normal XF AdminCP user search View a paginated list of users & their credits values for each of your currencies Quickly update any user's points, complete with transaction log support (will show as "Adjustment by administrator" in the "Notes" field) Daily/Weekly/Monthly Statistics [NOT YET IMPLEMENTED, FUTURE UPDATE] <currency> Earned <currency> Spent Income (from purchasing credits with real money) Alerts Full XenForo Alert system support Unique phrases for every combination of currency movement for all 30+ event types (current & upcoming) Can be enabled/disabled per-event Criteria: Fewer than X Credits Ability to create trophies etc. using "Fewer than X <currency>" criteria Criteria: More than X Credits Ability to create trophies etc. using "More than X <currency>" criteria Events Events are how you let members earn credits. You can create as many events from each of the event triggers as you want. Purchase - Buying internet points with real money via PayPal. Content - Using [CHARGE=X] BBCode to charge other users to see your post's content. Redeem - Using a redemption code Adjust - Manipulating the currency of someone else. Conversation - Sending a Private Message Donate - Transferring currency to another user. Download - Downloading a forum attachment. Downloaded - Someone else downloading your attachment. Thread - Posting a new thread Post - Adding a post to a thread Reply - Someone else posting in your thread Post Like - Liking a post Post Liked - Someone else liked your post. Post Rate - Rating a post using the "Post Ratings" mod Post Rated - Someone else rated your post using the "Post Ratings" mod Profile - Someone else viewing your profile. Events should be limited. Visit - Viewing a profile. Earning events should be limited. Charged events will lock out guests. View - Viewing a thread. Charged events will lock out guests. Viewed - Someone else viewing your thread. Events should be limited. Upload - Uploading a new attachment. Tag - Applying a descriptive label to a thread. Revive - Posting in a dormant thread. Message - Leaving a message on someone else's profile Messaged - Someone else leaving a message on your profile Warning - Receiving a Warning Daily Activity - Awarded on first login each day Follow - Following someone Followed - Someone else following you Poll - Posting a poll Vote - Voting in a poll Sticky - Your thread becoming sticky XenForo Media Gallery Upload - Uploading new MediaGallery Media. XenForo Media Gallery Download - Usergroups that can be affected by this event XenForo Media Gallery Downloaded - Someone else downloading your MediaGallery media. XenForo Media Gallery Comment - Adding a comment to a MediaGallery media resource. XenForo Media Gallery Commented - Someone else commenting on your MediaGallery media resource. XenForo Media Gallery Rate - Rating MediaGallery media. XenForo Media Gallery Rated - Someone else rated your MediaGallery media. sonnb XenGallery Upload - Uploading new XenGallery Media. sonnb XenGallery Download - Usergroups that can be affected by this event sonnb XenGallery Downloaded - Someone else downloading your XenGallery media. sonnb XenGallery Comment - Adding a comment to a XenGallery media resource. sonnb XenGallery Commented - Someone else commenting on your XenGallery media resource. Transfer - Moving your own currency from one form to another. XenForo Resource Manager Upload - Uploading a new XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Update - Adding an update to a XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Download - Downloading a XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Downloaded - Someone else downloading your XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Comment - Adding a comment to a XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Commented - Someone else commenting on your XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Rate - Rating a XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Rated - Someone else rated your XenResource resource. Interest - Growing the value of your currency over time. Taxation - Reducing the value of your currency over time. Optionally transfer taxed credits to a certain user. Paycheck - Occurs at regular intervals. Trophy - Being awarded a new trophy. Registration - A new user registers on the forum. Give Warning - Applying a warning to someone else. Upload Avatar - Uploading a new avatar. Report Content - Reporting a piece of content to the moderators. Reported Content - Your content was reported to the moderators. Sportsbook Wager - Placing a wager on an event Sportsbook Wagered - Someone placed a wager on your event Sportsbook Open Bet - Creating an open bet Sportsbook Open Bet Accept - Accepting an open bet Sportsbook Open Bet Accepted - Someone accepting your open bet Sportsbook Bet Challenge - Creating a bet challenge with another member Sportsbook Bet Challenge Accept - Accepting a bet challenge Sportsbook Bet Challenge Accepted - Someone accepting your bet challenge XenMedio Upload - Uploading new XenMedio Media. XenMedio Comment - Adding a comment to a XenMedio media resource. XenMedio Commented - Someone else commenting on your XenMedio media resource. Some events can be limited by user group and/or forum. Other settings are available per event. Strike-through events do not function in XF2 (yet!) although they will appear in the Event Trigger list. All events have the following Advanced Settings: Frequency Maximum Applications Limit Period Alert
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    Version 6.9.12


    Cross-Platform Voice, Video and Text Chat Nulled and update integration.php to XenForo 2 by Myself for you For instructions go HERE
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    Strontium Style was named following Strontium chemical element. Strontium is a chemical element with symbol Sr and atomic number 38. An alkaline earth metal, strontium is a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element that is highly reactive chemically. The metal turns yellow when it is exposed to air. Strontium is named after the Scottish village of Strontian, having been discovered in the ores taken from the lead mines there. One thing that is very interesting you should know about is that the national flag of Scotland is blue. By that inspiration, we combined and created this style. Strontium is the perfect example of sea lovers. Imagine that you are on the beach in a sunny day and be surround by the sound of breaking waves and the smell of salt, it could be the best day of your life. With the friendly texture, we ensure that you will love this style. In this style, we choose the blue as the main color. The Search box is put at the same row with the main tabs and in the navigation bar. The Alert and Message is put next to the logo of forum and the account of user is put at the top right corner of site. It is made sure that users could feel the most comfortable when they use the site.
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    Version 1.0.3


    About This File Simplify introduces a cleaner and more minimalist style to IPS Community Suite 4. Powered by our own bespoke framework, Simplify has vast potential for customization. Our range of configuration settings allow you to tailor the theme to however you desire. Choose from features such as color picking, live backgrounds, navigation icons, sticky headers & social icons. Key Features Responsive Mobile DesignLive Customization OptionsResizable Header & BreadcrumbsSocial Media & Navigations IconsPowered by "Base" Frameworkintergrated Color PickerGoogle Webfonts API IntergrationAdvanced Footer Blocks Base Framework Base is underlying framework that power our IPS4 themes. The consistent codebase means awesome new features can be added quickly and easily. Sneakly issues are also easier to diagnose and fix. We dislike seeing the same style of theme on every website just as much as you do, that's why Base is extremely customizable with over 60 configurable settings. Base Framework Features Responsive Design : Browse on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Our themes are beautifully responsive. SEO Optimization : Clean & semantic code ensures search engines crawl your site's most important content. Bespoke Typography : Direct intergration into Google Webfonts. Just enter the font name and we'll do the rest. Unique Customizaion : Extends IPS4's theme setting system to offer powerful editing capabilities. Browser Support : Our themes are tested to work on all modern mobile & desktop browers. (....even IE!) Ready to Translate : Need one-click translations? Our themes intergrate perfectly with IPS4's localization system. Supports Only 4.2.x
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    I hate the gym but it is needed.
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    Hello, i search this plugins update: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8483-bim42-hide-link-and-code/
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    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Descrição Este é o Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack para o IPS Community Suite 4.2.6 e todos os aplicativos oficiais. Ele contém traduções para o Admin CP e Front End para as seguintes Aplicações: Direitos da Tradução Traduzido por Samuel Souza (IonMidia Soluções). Gerenciador Visão Geral Recursos do Site Configurações Pesquisa de Conteúdo Promoção do Site Suporte Clubes Clubes Fóruns Blog Calendário Downloads Galeria Membros Membros Configurações de Membros Equipe Email Massivo Transações Pagamentos Clientes Suporte Loja Hospedagem Páginas Gerenciamento Conteúdo Estatísticas Estatísticas Atividades Messenger Fóruns DOwnloads Galeria Suporte Vendas Temas Aparência Editor Localização
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    Version 4.1.5


    Behemoth If you like what you see please give me that like! :)) ------------------------------------------------ ll ------------------------------------------------ Behemoth is a modern, Creative, Super advanced theme comes with a lot of customization's and features including responsive drop down navigation, Google fonts, custom html full-sized widgets, Advanced footer, Social links, News ticker, Custom forum category styles, Six of awesome article templates and a powerful touch slider that can be integrated with (IP.Content) as a complete package for infinite slider, theme colors are entirely customizable with easy settings, You can manually change ALL colors and switch between a Dark or White scheme with color settings. Dreadnought theme is beautifully responsive and mobile friendly, it is best suitable for Gaming website, Included with Dozen of useful settings and features for example adding a fixed social link on sidebar or footer, also two custom widgets to show on top or bottom of your website you can place it anywhere you want for example Registration page, Login page, Staff directory page, Search page, User profiles page...etc) You can also set user group permissions for each of the widgets Demo Features Swiper Slider Swiper is a modern touch slider beautifully designed to show your articles and custom slides, You can add custom slides and feeds from (Pages) app, comes with a lot of settings and customization's to work the way you desire. You can choose where to show the slider for example Forums only, or any of IPS applications You can also exclude the slider from showing on pages like register, Login, Search, Activity, topics...etc) Including all IPS applications You can add 5 custom and sortable sliders within theme settings, All sliders have its own Usergroup permissions You can also add a (Pages) feed block to show database records in the slider with a customized template made especially for slider. News Ticker Responsive and easy to use news ticker, Add as many tickers as you want all within theme options, You can also show a (Pages) database records in the news ticker. Change auto scrolling speed, Change title, Customizable colors. Custom Widgets Add Two fully customizable custom widgets to show on top or bottom of your website, You can place it anywhere you want for example Registration page, Login page, Staff directory page. Search page, User profiles page...etc) You can also set user group permissions for each of the widgets, Great for guest messages, or to use it for custom ads and/or custom html. Header & Navigation Slick, flexible and responsive header comes with a lot of options to customize, All colors are customizable with settings including many more useful options to customize the way you want, Show your website navigation in a beautiful drop down, drop up, fading, sliding effects, Optionally enable or disabling sticky navigation on scroll, Use a custom google font for navigation, Change menus text alignment, Change font size, chnage background color transparency, Two different menus hover effects...etc). Extra Footer Extra footer is a simple and responsive footer layout, you can add Links, Add (Pages) database records, Site Informations. Fully customizable colors with settings, You can also add a background image to apply on footer. Style your forum categories This theme included with an awesome feature which allows you to style your forum categories, For example adding a different background color gradients, Title background and color, or a cover to the forum section. Comes with 3 rules, with each rules You can select multiple forum categories to apply the styles. Web Font Loader Change website font to any custom font from google fonts site, all you have to do is typing your desired font name to apply. Change the body font to any custom font, Additionally you can also change the navigation font separately. Ultimate colors. Without touching a line of code, Theme colors are completely customizable with settings, You can easily change any element color on the theme to your desired colors, switch between a white or dark theme ALL within theme color settings, Personalize colors as desired of everything on the website E.g. Body, Wrapper, Headers, Navigation, User bar, Side bars, Footer, Titles, Topics, Author panels, Editor, Reactions, Messages, Pop-up, Breadcrumb, Reactions...etc) A different article styles This theme included with a free copy of «A different article styles» A beautiful design to Show your Pages database and blocks with six different styles, you can set the styles on the main (pages) database page and/or as blocks anywhere on the website. A plugin to customize the styles. With the plugin You can change the style colors and some useful settings to resize article images - Responsive and pixel-perfect design. Styles One column Two column Three column Two column first featured Three column first featured and a mini news feed block Feature
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    Version 1.0.5 Patch Level 4


    With [TH] Reactions you able to control how you want your reactions to work. Rather it be the icon, image, color, or if it shows a negative outcome. Configure which reactions can send alerts, publish into the newsfeed, which reactions can be undone by the users, and how many reactions can be used per day. With reaction types, you can choose what order the reaction type will appear in to the user. Choose what order the reaction type will appear in to the user while also changing if they are positive, negative, or neutral. Unlimited amount of reactions and reaction types Choose what order the reaction type will appear in to the user Define the color of the reaction type. Choose what user groups can and can not use reactions
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    Version 1.5.0


    XFileSharing Pro is SibSoft's advanced, professional file sharing script. Over 500 of our clients are currently using this powerful platform. They all agree that XFileSharing Pro is the best solution available on the Internet today. Script can be installed on virtual, shared, or dedicated Linux hosting environments. It is fully customizable with minimal HTML coding experience. You can utilize this powerful file sharing script to place banners, Adsense, or other advertising links on your website. XFileSharing Pro is a very fast way to get your website monetized.
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    Version 3.3.0


    Feature List: Option to automatically demote a member back to his original member group x days after there donation. Option to mark goals as achieved and remove them from listing after they have reached 100% donations. Option to create goals that are continuous and have no set end date. RSS feeds for latest donations and latest goals listings. Ability to track the individual status of each goal as members choose to donate to there preferred goals. Setup fixed donation amounts a member can donate or let the member choose the amount. This includes a minimum donation amount allowed. Group permissions for who can view the donation tracker, view goals, view donations and for who can donate. All payment data is logged including successful and unsuccessful attempts on the payment function. New discussion topic created for each new successful donation. Ability to track the top donors in the view top donors page. Payment gateways included are: Paypal, Skrill, Payza (Alert Pay), Offline Payments and Paymentwall.
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    Version 2.0.3 (10/08/2017 Update)


    Sign in through Steam This Plugin for IPS 4.0+ will allow your users to login with their Steam account. Recommended Installation Requirements: Minimum IP.Core Requirements ( as found on https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7046-get-ready-for-ips-40/ ) If you are using InvisonPower's Hosted forums, this is already done for you. Is curl enabled? If not, install/enable it please. Hosting with Free services will not be supported If you are having issues, and use IIS as your web server. Please try switching to Apache or another server type. IIS is known to have random issues. Installation First, upload the contents of the upload folder to your forum root directory. Login to your ACP, and browse to System -> Plugins Click Install New Plugin. Browse to the extracted zip file and upload steam_login.xml Visit - http://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey and follow the instructions to obtain an API key Navigate to System -> Settings -> Login Handlers, click the edit icon on the Steam row and paste your API key in the API Key input and save Make sure to enable both plugin and login method.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Don't be a leech, click the reputation button if you want to get more files in the future. Each picture have a file with 20px and 64px Format of picture is .png Sintax is like this 1_grinning.png and [email protected] i made each category for all pictures like emojione show in his website.
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    Thats why I said speak with Ben he will hook you up even if baisic plan does not have that they will sort it for you if you tell them I sent you there.
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    believe me, i searched alot here and on google. I don t know who i didn t seen this. Thanks alot.
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    you have install the last version and make change for 4.2 ?
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    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will enable 5 features that appears disabled when a new user creates the account: Status Update Recent Profile Visitors block Pop-up when the user receives a new message View signatures? Automatically follow content/comments
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    Actually I quite like it I love dark colour scheme and whole site looks nice to look at :-) you doing great and keep up good job with your site. I wish you luck. :-)
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    how to upload this folder? and also why this settings button dont work ? and also how to do this would be nice if you can help me
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