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  • File Submission Guidelines

    We use the downloads system for all uploads, no external links please.

    To keep everything running as safely and smoothly as possible, we have a few guidelines regarding file uploads:

    • Please post all files in their corresponding category (software type, version, etc).
    • Please check if the file already exists, if it does but it's outdated, report the old file so that we can remove.
    • Do NOT post downloads with passwords or files in them that advertise other sites (this includes links/images to your own site or "credits" to yourself).
    • Do NOT repack releases and re-upload them. There is no need for redundant copies of the same file. This also circumvents our daily download cap.
    • Do NOT post topics, send messages, or report files to remind us that they are pending approval.
    • Try to provide relevant and ample information with your release.
    • File titles should not include dots or excessive use of special characters.
    • Make use of our versioning system. Do not include the version of the file in the title, just enter the version in the Version field.
    • Ripped themes are permitted. We cannot prevent people from ripping themes, nor will we condemn them for sharing them. Dysfunctional rips WILL be deleted.
    • We currently do not accept privately nulled releases of any forum package as we cannot confirm every user is a credible source.
    • We do not allow any nulled whmcs/clientexec/etc releases on WebFlake. This is a security concern for any potential clients.

    Furthermore we disallow releases from the following groups or sites to be posted on WebFlake:

    • SKRiPTERZ/scriptz-team/dESiGNERz-CREW/Skripter.info
    • x-MoBiLe
    • Team HG
    • vBTEAM
    • Null by Yogi
    • Cyber Crew
    • SSTEAM
    • Nulled By Disco
    • MyBBCentral
    • Nulledforums
    • illus!on
    • Rips by "Hieucocc"

    You will be warned once for posting content from any of these sources. If it happens again, a permanent ban will follow.

    Useful Links:

    If you have any questions or if you're hesitant about posting something somewhere, feel free to PM one of our Staff members.