Limited-Time Donation Special!
Upgrade to Snow for $20 USD and receive a free copy of Oblivion Light ($5 discount).
Upgrade to +Blizzard for $35 USD and receive a free copy of Oblivion Light ($15 discount).

Please visit the thread below for more details.

Contact @Davlin with questions or comments.

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    Please note that not all third party applications and themes are yet compatible with Invision Community 4.3. If you utilize third party resources, including custom themes, please ensure they have been declared compatible by their respective authors or your site may be non-functional after upgrade, such as not being able to access the ACP or complete the upgrade process at all. There is a new compatibility field on all marketplace resource listings on the IPS Marketplace. If this field is missing or does not specifically list 4.3, it is likely not yet compatible with 4.3.

    Before creating a support topic, disable themes, apps, and plugins to see if that corrects your issue.

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