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IPS Community Suite


  1. IPS Community Suite 4.3   (10,809 visits to this link)

    The latest versions of IPS Community Suite 4.3 and resources for it, such as themes, plugins and applications, can be found here.

  2. IPS Beta

    Discuss and seek peer-to-peer support for your IPS Community Suite Beta installation.

  3. IPS Tutorials

    A collection of tutorials, ranging from basic to complex, aimed at helping you develop, modify, or maintain your IPS installation.

  4. IPS Requests

    Requests for specific IPS plugins, addons, or themes can be made here. This is not for support. Must be an Advanced Member or above to submit a request!

  5. IPS Support

    If you are in need of assistance, get support here for your IPS Community Suite installation.

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