IPB 3.x is no longer officially supported by WebFlake. You can still seek peer-to-peer support in our new Legacy Support & Discussion forums. IPS Community Suite category is reserved solely for 4.x installations. We've also opened a new Legacy Software category that contains IPB 3.x, xenForo 1.4, vBulletin, and MyBB content.

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Website Scripts


  1. Downloads and Resources   (9,885 visits to this link)

    Downloads and resources regarding website scripts, code snippets, full html themes, etc. can be found and gathered here.

  2. Programming and Coding

    For all questions, tutorials and discussions related to general coding and programming.

  3. Resource Requests

    Requests for specific code snippets, apps, scripts, etc. can be made here. Must have 15 posts to submit a request!

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