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ProMenu 2.1.5 3.3.x, 3.4.x


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About This File

ProMenu for IP.Board allows you to add a multilevel drop-down menu to
your board, which allows the flexibility to adjust your menus structure
to accommodate each skin template. Along with primary menus, this menu
management system displays the regular primary menus along with footer
and header menus, allowing menus to be customized with a drop-down
option giving the flexibility for many pages to be listed, giving your
site a clean and professional feel. If you're using IP Content, this
system is fully customizable within that, allowing for pages with proper
tab activation for each page (this includes pages in folders), without
effecting the "Custom Pages" built in to your default, primary menu.
This system can be used everywhere the board wrapper is used. This has
been tested with all IPS products and most third party applications and
is fully functional for all without conflict. All sales are final, so
research your options before purchasing.

[b]·[/b] Unlimited Multilevel Menus
[b]·[/b] Ability To Add Menu Icons To Parent and Children
[b]·[/b] Multiple Stock Menu Locations
[b]·[/b] Supports Active Tab Management For Multiple IP.Content Pages
[b]·[/b] Works With All IPS Products And Most Third Party Applications
[b]·[/b] View Menus as a Category (per menu) (starts new row)
[b]· [/b]Treat Menus as a Category (per menu) (starts new column)
[b]· [/b]Choose left/right positioning for sub-menus (per menu)
[b]· [/b]Auto-detection of borders for menu positioning
[b]· [/b]Parent Menu Activation When On Active Child
[b]· [/b]Disable View of the "More" drop-down
[b]· [/b]Cache Driven to Eliminate Possible Server Overloads
[b]· [/b]Navigation Arrow Indicators
[b]·[/b] Does Not Effect The Primary Navigation System Built Into Custom Pages Application
[b]·[/b] Ability to Disable Mouse-over Descriptions (per menu)
[b]· [/b]Choice to Use Data-Tool-tip Rather Than Title on Description (per menu)
[b]· [/b]Choice to hide menus based on member groups or display menus based on permissions (includes secondary groups!)
[b]·[/b] Ability To Use Icons as Titles (per menu) (full sized images)
[b]·[/b] Ability To Use Mega Menus or Regular Menus (per group)
[b]·[/b] Various Javascript Settings And Effects
[b]·[/b] Use Menu as an HTML Block Content (Mega Menu Only)
[b]·[/b] Ability to Build Your Own Custom Groups (Advanced User Only)
[b]·[/b] Choice to have a fixed header menu bar (global setting)
[b]·[/b] Mobile Theme Support
[b]·[/b] Easy Pages Support
[b]·[/b] IP.Content Blocks For Wrapped or Wrapperless Pages
[b]·[/b] The Ability to use Mega Menus and Regular Menus Within The Same Group (per menu)

[b]·[/b] version 3.3.0 or higher

This menu system will only inherit the first tier on third party themes.
This is an improvement from previous versions, but still requires some
editing per theme. For those who are having issues with your stylesheet

What's New in Version 3.3.x, 3.4.x


  • Bug Fix: resolved an issue with the secondary groups when using the permission index
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