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We are aware that various functions may not be working correctly, or missing entirely.
Please use our Bug Tracker and Suggestions Tracker to help us with this transition.

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IPS Community Suite 4.1

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  1. [WF NULL] IPS Community Suite

    IPS Community Suite
    Released 05/10/2017
    WebFlake Note: Please create a support topic if you need assistance.

    As always, we recommend that you backup your current installation (database included) before upgrading.


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  2. Get Ready For IPS 4.0

    This script will check if you are ready to use IPS Community Suite 4.x

    Simply upload the script either to the directory where your current IP.Board 3.x. installation is (if you want to test if you're ready to upgrade) or anywhere else on your server (if you want to test if you can perform a fresh install) and run it in your web browser.
    The script will check your PHP and MySQL versions against what is required and what we recommend. It's important to note that the recommendations are just recommendations for optimum performance for IPS 4. If you're still running IP.Board 3.x then we recommend that you stay on the PHP and MySQL versions you have currently.


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  3. IPS Community Suite

    This file is not nulled, it's original and untouched user serial/numbers may be removed.
    Key Changes
    Fixes the following issues:
    SQL error when adding Commerce package or customer field. SQL error when setting up topic archiving. The ‘show reply’ button in notification popup reloads the page instead of loading content inline. Opting out of security questions may not work. Word filters not applying correctly. Reordering custom profile fields may not work properly. Draft or future blog entries may be included in the sitemap. Rounding issue with half-percentage tax rates in Commerce. Adds a "More Colors" option to the color dropdown in the editor.


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