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  • XenForo 2.0 Developer   By Ketchup

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    We are very excited to announce that the first developer preview of XenForo 2.0.0 is now available. Any customer with an active license may download this. However, before you download this release, it is very important you understand these restrictions: You cannot upgrade into this release. You will only be able to do a fresh installation (into an unused database). You will not be able to upgrade out of this release. Subsequent developer previews will require a fresh installation. We will not support upgrading from a developer preview to a beta or other release. You must be comfortable manually editing files, modifying file permissions and accessing PHP via the command line to setup and install this version. If you want to install this on an external server, you are very likely to need SSH access. This release is primarily targeted at XenForo add-on developers, to allow them to start to understand the new XenForo 2 code and begin to experiment with writing add-ons for it. Beyond that, keen enthusiasts are welcome to install this release to understand more about what is included out of the box and to test that functionality. However, if you do not feel comfortable with the requirements/restrictions above, we'd recommend you wait for a beta release to experiment.

    You should not use this release in production. Any data you create within a developer preview release will likely be lost as subsequent releases will require re-installation.

    This is the first of the developer preview releases. There will be more released frequently. Once we are happy with the state of the developer preview, we intend to move onto the "standard" beta process.
  • Giga Tick - Fully Responsive WHMCS Hosting Template   By Ragehost

    Purchased this $99.99 theme myself, felt like sharing with you people. Be sure the smash the  button if you like this theme. ________________________________________________________________ Live Demo Sales Page
  • IP.Board 3.4.9 Nulled   By Kensei

    Don't be a leech, click the reputation button if you want to get more files in the future. This is a maintenance release to consolidate security updates released since 3.4.8, release additional security updates, and fix some minor bugs impacting many clients. We recommend you upgrade to ensure you have all security updates in place. We would like to thank newbie LAC for responsibly reporting a potential CSRF (cross-site request forgery) issue related to warnings resolved with the release of 3.4.9.
  • Cometchat   By Lady C

    CometChat – that can be integrated into your website. This chat enhances interactivity, allowing users to chat with friends and other Internet users. CometChat uses standard PHP and MySQL to communicate. No additional modules on the server side is not required. CometChat can be used to create online support on the site, as well as a regular chat for all users.