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  2. First off I am using the modern user info panel directly from here that someone generously got me after I gave them the money for it. I have also placed it in the downloads section (it's just honestly code and no plugin or anything) What I am wanting is to get the user title added in properly (such as if the member does not have a title like I do in my picture I will provide then it does not display) otherwise if they have a title then it was be displayed. Another thing I would like is for it to show the follower count in the info panel too. The last thing is in the tutorial this guy gives he uses rounded user photos and he changes some css for square/rectangle user photos only in posts but they are still rounded everywhere else. The problem I have is once I pasted some code from his files my user photos are exactly like his after he changes ipsUserPhoto ins misc.css of core>global > framework without me changing mine. my profile picture should be rounded instead of square/rectangular and I do not have a title set yet this user does not have a title so it does not show even the word title or the block for it this user has a title so it shows Hope I explained well enough to where people can understand Edit: I have my reputation next to my name on mobile which I would like to get rid of
  3. every theme.
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  5. im know this but im mean another thing how open links in new tap at ( ibps download app )
  6. Hey, Does anyone know of an APP I can use to automatically sell premium memberships on my forum? I know 3.x had a few different options including Nexus but I don't want to pay 100$ for the new IP APP. Cheers!
  7. Please don't PM me asking me to look at your support topic. I will look at it when I can. Messaging me constantly will result in a PM Block.

  8. Its under admincp and Search engine optimization. But also you want to edit meta data per theme. I believe that is under AdminCP > Custmoization > Your Theme > Meta Data As you have two topics now. I will close this one further replies can be done in topic below.
  9. Admin CP > System > General Configuration System > Search Engine Optimization > Meta Tags
  10. HI all Where i can edit this one ??? I want edit this and put my forum name "Ninestars bootstrap 3 one page template" >>>>edit>>>>> Jooma Forums SOme One?
  11. Remove Sidebar in Store

    Version 1.0.0


    Easily remove Sidebar in Store. Just enable or disable it by editing the plugin.
  12. HI all Where I can Edit google seo? and how? for exmple : i want in google pepoles put the name of my forum and its find it
  13. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  14. Thank you.
  15. a.logo img { max-height: XXXpx; width: XXXpx; } Play around with XXX height and width to make it work put in custom.css AdminCP > Customization > Themes > your Theme > Edit Template > Css > custom.css
  16. Add the buttons you can do AdminCP > customization > Toolbar If you link your forum i can have a look at the CSS and create you some custom css
  17. There you go then. If its working i will close this topic
  18. Hello again, I would like to know or assist me on styling my profile fields. I would appreciate your help / tips as i am new to css
  19. Hey, I did some searching for this and couldn't find an answer, my logo looks pretty small on my forums and I want to increase the header height so I can make the logo bigger in photoshop so it's actually visible. Anyone know how to increase the header height? Here is my site: - Those logo dimensions are currently 1000x1000 but it's downsized due to the header not being long enough in heigh.
  20. hi everyone, i need some help i try to search but didn't find something to help me. first how to add color to reply box not only this and other option for reply box.( this is my reply box from my forum) Second how to add the spoiler? on topic ? third how to remove Subforum title that's it i hope some one help me. ty webflake.
  21. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  22. Hi again, I was being stupid before and had a brain fart.... Managed to fix it now but thank you for commenting
  23. Read that topic Auto Welcome Awards Rules Collaboration Plugins Required info Links Preview Separate pinned topics I will inform you when i get results, doing what you said Fixed. Read that topic application caused the issue.
  24. Well could you list them for me, first thing to test. Disable all plugins and applications then test Facebook. Does it happend then ?
  25. I Think OP wants a automatic way of doing it. Though the problem I see for this is the following. The reason its usergroups is that its assigned to the system as a group. So it in technical term its saying. Everyone i usergroup 1 color this. When you want to do every single member you got two choices. Make a global CSS class that applies to all members, but this means any usergroup will be overwritten. Otherwise I don't see any solution then say, nope you cant. Of course it could be added with some custom code to your forum where people could pick a color from a dropdown list. Once seleted the system gives them that color. BUT that would be the same as usergroups.
  26. I got Yes i do have few apps/plugins
  27. You got a link to your board @Sgt. Duck ? I can take a quick look for ya.
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