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  3. Simply because it's not supported. See if you either a find images or html. It's a security feature in ips to disable the js as it can be used to push malicious code. When you add the code it says add HTML not javascript. So one thing you can try is to use the iframe code that they provide
  4. JavaScript is disabled by default for ad previews, so that likely has no relation to why your ad isn't appearing. Could be a caching issue. Do you have the caching engine enabled and have you tried clearing the system cache through the support tab?
  5. JavaScript has been disabled for security I need help on the forum. I've created a new ad to appear at the top of the page, but JavaScritp disabled prevents the ad from appearing. How can I solve? Thanks! This Code: <script async src="//"></script> <!-- Teste --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:320px;height:100px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4876875410401125" data-ad-slot="5586180094"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script>
  6. This should fix it for you
  7. How can I change time format? Hello, how can I change time format from 12 hours to 24 hours. Now I see 4:49 PM and I want to see 16:49.
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  9. Staff Bio Pop Up Box Hello, For a few days now i have been unsuccessful in being able to implement a change to our staff page. The description/bio that is created for each member of staff can, by default, be expanded with a read more option. However. I would like it to open in a new dialog/pop up display. Below is an image of what i have achieved so far. The problem is that it doesn't pull the correct bio and i cannot seem to link them. We are using the IPB staff directory features and the ips.ui.dialog. Looking forward to hopefully resolving this headache Thanks
  10. The round images has nothing to do with the errors. Round images you need to add a custom class to custom.css The errors produced is possible server errors as it says it can't find a javascript file that is doing the hover effect. Having ajax problems means it's trying to connect to grab the info but it's denied or not found. Hence the javascript errors. Beet part is to contact your hosting provider and explain the errors.
  11. Where it says admin (the user) on the portal which is made by DevFuse, I want it to link to the user profile and show the group color
    Upgradedfrom .22,,, Seems to work very well,, thank you....
  12. Could you explain a bit more what you are trying to achieve please? Do you want to add a userlink to the navigation. Is it a button somewhere where people can click ? Screenshots etc would be great?
  13. So to do this there is a few important STEPS. Its case sensetive, meaning if lets say Norway is written as Norway (Notice big N) in the Country list then the image name needs to be the exact same. So Norway (Norway.png) not norway.png etc Make sure that there are no spaces etc, if there is spaces in the names etc United Kingdom then the image name is United Kingdom.png (Notice the space between the words) ------------------------------------ So how to do this. With FTP you need to locate your forum folder and upload folder. Create a new folder call it custom or whatever you want Navigate to AdminCP > Members > Profiles | Select to edit the Country Fields you had installed. Find Display Format and paste this code. <img src="httpX://YOURURL/uploads/custom/{content}.png" alt="{title}"></img> Notice the X, YOURURL and CUSTOM these needs to be replaced with the following. X = S if you are using https (So with SSL on this would be https, if no ssl its http) YOURURL your forum url custom = the foldername you created in uploads folder. .png (Change this to whatever the file extention is .jpg .png .gif etc) Make sure ALL IMAGES have the same extention. To explain what the code does, it will take the title of the country in the field, and put that in front of the .png This should give you like this
  14. Portal user link How would I add a userlink to a post on the portal?
  15. I got all the images on GIFT now where add them?
  16. Errors with post container I'm receiving some errors with the post container such as it's not making the images rounded with a rounded theme and also its coming up as an error in the developer console when I try to hover over the photo, as you see its trying to retrieve an incorrect profile GET http://******.*******.com/profile/1-/?do=hovercard&csrfKey=a84a87a840b1bcc016252bccde390b11 404 (Not Found) send @ root_library.js.2f96e41db49e395b6b2138baf3363493.js:2 ajax @ root_library.js.2f96e41db49e395b6b2138baf3363493.js:2 _buildRemoteContent @ root_framework.js.fe4037952320b26118b89bd0e857a5e0.js:402 _startShow @ root_framework.js.fe4037952320b26118b89bd0e857a5e0.js:392
  17. Care to explain a bit more what you are tying to achieve? Is this ment to be on the forum you execute the script or?
  18. Let me try and see what happend
  19. Hi ther @Maxtron I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but it looks like you are trying to add facebook and twitter to the site. Is this per user, or for the site itself?
  20. Normally if it is grayed out like that, it could be that you have sub forums in there. If that is the case i would suggest selecting both the sub forums to make it work. Also i do not belive you can setup RSS on a empty forum but don't quote me on it, i just think that there is a function that will check if there is any content there.
  21. Hi there @Always on keyboard and sorry for a late responds, if you want to translate this i would suggest to check that the language string It should be accessible from the following location > AdminCP > Customization > Languages > Translate I would search for something that has bcp47 in find the string. Let me know if i can assist you with anything else or if you got it sorted ?
  22. If it's a custom table you created I do believe you'll need your own code to retrieve information from it.
  23. I would presume you can google to find them. But you still need to match them all up etc.
  24. Sorry about a late reply @Music Case What language are you trying to add ? It could be done by doing AdminCP > Customization > Languages > Add Language Here you can then also translate certain strings etc also for the mods etc that are supported. Let me know if you need any more help
  25. IPB License ($120) I have attached a screenshot of when the purchase was made and when it renews. I have just renewed the license. I am selling my license for $120.00. I payed $170 for it, so I am not expecting anything less thank you. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY
  26. What is this information you are trying to display and where are you trying to display it would be a great start? You also say that you have user table you have created recently ? Is this from the forum, or another user table that is not part of the forum but you want to display it ?
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