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  2. Hello, I am very happy this website is here and I just want to let everyone know you're all awesome.
  3. Nothing is better than a Synology NAS. All Linux based apps as well as the OS it's built on. So very secure and I've never had any data loss. Unlike other NAS that I have used in the past.
  4. 43 pages now.... Really? There will never be a winner so long as WebFlake lives
  5. Today
  6. I win this time, sorry bro!
  7. I use IPB, but if i need to decide WP or XenForo, def XENFORO
  8. like other said, xen or ipb for forums word for whatever else
  9. plz guys i never win anything in life. kill me.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I got a 32TB NAS with my media on it and currently playing it with the builtin Plex-App on my TV. I will be getting a Vero 4K+ mediaplayer though because I really don't like Plex at all.
  12. Both. During daytime I prefer light themes, during night a dark theme is much more pleasing though.
  13. I have no idea as it isn't a public release at the moment and haven't found a developer copy of it. Will let you know when I find out myself.
  14. Hi all, i changed my URL ( to "for example" ), and after do this process, the ips downloads doesn't change the URL in topic ( it has a create topic automatilly ). My question is, is there a way to do a process to it change all topic URL automatilly ? Or is there necessary to move to file in ips download and update it ? thank you
  15. IPB4 Better functions and design
  16. IPB1 is still the best way
  17. Would you like to build one ore buy a tower already assembled?
  18. Hello guys! Im new to IPS Community! I would like to mention some things. After playing with my installation, I saw that everytime that I make changes to the theme, the css files are changing name (for example from css_built_1/05e81b71abe4f22d6eb8d1a929494829_responsive.css.c31eebcd491dee9f29f8e82fa1c119df.css?v=026d4e282a -->css_built_1/05e81b71abe4f22d6eb8d1a929494829_responsive.css.f56ggbcd491dee9f29f8e82fa1c119df.css?v=026d4e282a ) My problem at the moment, is that after applying changes on the theme through ACP, the css files have different file names than before and my browser ( and from other devices that I tested) are trying to load from previous css file which have been deleted. Have you seen a problem like this before? Do you know what should I do to troubleshoot this problem ?
  19. Heya DarkDracoon, welcome =)
  20. Hey there. I'm drakz, I am 19 years old and I'm from Portugal. I work as a full-stack web developer and on my freetime I work as a SysAdmin. Just registered the website long time ago and trying to be active, to integrate myself on this community.
  21. Welcome to the forums
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