WebFlake is currently in the process of upgrading fully to IPS 4.2.
We are aware that various functions may not be working correctly, or missing entirely.
Please use our Bug Tracker and Suggestions Tracker to help us with this transition.

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  4. Editor preview

    Believe he's talking about on our actual forum (topic is in site questions). That of which we do.... it's right beside the submit reply button. https://gyazo.com/16b3d4b986960b14e3ffa1183a64abb9
  5. Yesterday
  6. [WF NULL] IPS Community Suite

    4.2.6 running smoothly and happily - thanks again WF!
  7. Count to 10 before a staff member posts

    3! oh wait...
  8. Trophies and Medals 1.1.2

    Yeah it would be great to have this for 4.2.x!
  9. Days Won

    How it works this? it is Plugins or Applications?
  10. I'm looking for updates to these plugins

    Yes, thank you very much. The remaining 4 missing, are not free
  11. Automation Rules - FULL 1.4.2

  12. Reaction problem

    maybe somewhere u can find a titan compatible them?
  13. Reaction problem

    I'm using nulled titan 4.1 theme in 4.2.6 suit & it didnt show reaction to topics. what can i do
  14. you have all free plugins now ?
  15. Any solution for this problem

    I make an announcement: But on the top of forum index link is disabled or not visible!
  16. Back to Top Button

    Hello, how to integrate the "Back to Top Button" such as on this IPS-website? Thanks!
  17. Hi to all, a direct question: there was a plugin in 3.4 (but I do not remember the name ... something like "Forced read PM" or something similar) that "required" users to read the PMs before they could navigate ( obviously only when a new PM is received) but in version 4.2 I find nothing that can serve the purpose. Does anyone know a way to get this result? Or can you create a plugin that does this? If yes, what could be the price? P.S. I hope I have explained it correctly and made no mistakes. In that case, I apologize
  18. I'm looking for updates to these plugins

    Yes, thank you ... I've already downloaded, installed and thanked in the Topic
  19. VideoBox

    This would be a very nice share.
  20. Very glad for this. Thank you very much for standing out of the crowd and asserting a moral approach.
  21. Uploading error

    Also you posted this in the wrong section, for this time i will move it to the right section.
  22. Uploading error

    So you need to contact your hosting provider as the message says. You are having issues with PHP sessions and that they are not storing correctly (as the read error says) If that does not work uploading and other things will not work either. Contact your host provider.
  23. I'm looking for updates to these plugins

    It should already been submitted and approved
  24. Member Map 3.4.4

    Thanks a lot, update done!
  25. Member info Block 1.0.3

    Thank you very much, in my 4.2.6 works perfectly!
  26. I'm looking for updates to these plugins

    I'm sorry, I hope I'm not the cause of this Thank you so much, I will be happy to wait
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