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  3. Good evening,I need theme for the forum as you can suggest?
  4. I can upload profil picture and I search the file for fix this. Thank you
  5. Can you please explain your issue a bit better? Not quite understanding your issue
  6. not sure if i understood correctly, any examples?
  7. Last week
    I really like this application. It's very useful and very customizable. Thank you!
  8. Hi guys I install a new theme and when I upload a profil picture or wallpaper for the profile is load to infinite where is the file to fix this thank you
  9. Is it possible to change the theme by using a simple link? Looking in the default IPS theme it's being done by the following code: <li class="ipsMenu_item"> <form action="//web.local/theme/?csrfKey=6d76e45144a958ae2137f7cc1df9ce9b" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="ref" value="aHR0cDovL25raXBzLmxvY2FsLw=="> <button type="submit" name="id" value="4" class="ipsButton ipsButton_link ipsButton_link_secondary">Default Dark </button> </form> </li> Or if anyone could share how I can make this button into a working text link, that would be great aswell.
  10. Version 2.0

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  11. I'm going to archive this topic. OP clearly isn't interested in exhibiting patience or etiquette on this forum. Repeated topic bumping is not permitted, least of all before the 48 hour limit, and it's entirely unnecessary given the activity on the site. DicDal is not obligated to continue responding to this topic and constantly pinging him is borderline harassment. I'll be issuing a warning commensurate with my response.
  12. Would be nice if someone could share this - I think it's free? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8767-s3-compatible-downloads/
  13. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  14. //Moved to Invision Support Glad you where able to resolve your issue!
  15. In order to downgrade you will need to have a backup of your old version you had installed (database and web files). Without this you would have to start fresh.
  16. Harness the force as a community leader. A long time ago in the Interwebs far, far away... I proudly signed off all my posts and emails with the title: Owner, Administrator. Anyone in a 10-mile digital radius from me was made well aware: I AM AN OWNER AND ADMINISTRATOR. I AM IMPORTANT I PROMISE. I OWN AND ADMINISTRATE!!! Granted I held off on the all-caps, but still. My assertion permeated throughout all areas of my online presence. Though well-intentioned, my identity as an administrator pushed me away from the community I fostered. I focused more on growing the group rather than being part of the group, thus creating an unspoken hierarchy that placed my members below me. Recognizing your members are living, breathing, sentient people is one of the most important aspects of community building, but I couldn’t see the forest from the trees. Part of me enjoyed the authority and power attached to my role as the website’s administrator. But with that power came isolating separation – the dark side if you will. A community I unknowingly built was unrelatable to me because I was unrelatable to them. Is it possible to remove “me” and “them” from the equation entirely and replace it with an “us?” Our community members aren’t naive to the fact that someone does technically own the community, and that part of your role as a community leader is administrating. It’s less about the title and more of the mindset. How can you connect with your community? By being relatable and approachable. Better yet? Leading by example. Become a community leader Shifting your interpersonal narrative from administrator to community leader can profoundly change your community’s culture for the better. As a community leader, you’ll inevitably perform administrative tasks, including the nitty gritty like group promotions, moderating and reputation (all critical functions for a high-functioning community). However, it’s possible to execute said functions while cloaked under anonymity that the administrator title can provide (that’s not necessarily good or bad, it just is). An important component to community leading is visibility. For many years, I made sure my Invision Community software was up-to-date, licenses paid, the registration system worked, spam defense was light-saber slicing the plastic-surgery-gambling bots to Tatooine. I was a fantastic administrator, but my presence from my community, the very place I worked tirelessly to keep running, was sorely missed. The moment I went “all-in,” meaning I decided to become an integral part of my community outside of the administrator role (by commenting on members’ topics, responding back in private message group chats, reacting to content, listening to feedback and opening up about real-life success and failures) is the moment I evolved into a community leader. I wanted to be seen. My deliberate change of self perception produced exponential growth in terms of traffic and new registrations. More importantly, I became a better community leader. I feel compelled to not only share pop music news with my community, but also what’s going on in my life. It wasn’t a comfortable transition, but a necessary one. Upon stripping away my title from administrator to community leader, I became a role model. I became someone my members came to for more than just technical forum advice. They wanted to see how I was doing. They wanted to share their wins and losses with me after seeing me succeed and fail in public. They saw me as a person; a leader. At the end of the day, community leading means forging connections, sharing your highs and lows and showing up for your members. That starts from within, which may feel incredibly awkward at first, but get comfortable with discomfort and watch you and your community blossom. Thoughts on transforming from administrator to Jedi community leader? Sound off in the comments! And may the +1 be with you. View the full article
  17. you cant downgrade form 4.5 . to 4.4 you would have to remove your community and start with a fresh install of 4.4
  18. Hello everyone, I was wondering is there a way to downgrade from 4.5 to 4.4 since development and the 4.5 addons are taking very long to show up online. Is there a guide I could follow?
  19. It's all good now. I managed to fix the issue and I have access to the Marketplace.
  20. Created by Joen Asmussen, @joen The WordPress block editor (a.k.a. Gutenberg) comes with a feature called “reusable blocks.” They are blocks, saved for later, edited in one place. Have you ever wanted to: Re-use the same snippet of text across posts and pages? Save complex layouts to spare you having to copy/paste from one post to another? Reusable blocks can do these things. Like templates, you mean? Not quite. Think of reusable blocks as snippets of globally synchronized content that are personal to you. You can edit all your reusable blocks in one place, and any post or page you inserted that block into, get the updated version as well. Where you might use templates to structure your website, you can use reusable blocks to structure your content. For example: A testimonial on your homepage and your product page. A “this post is part of a series” box that you insert part-way through your article. A “Follow me on social media” section you can weave into the prose of your popular article. Complex but static blocks, such as a “Subscribe to my newsletter” box, a contact form, a survey, quiz, or polls. Key properties are that reusable blocks are unbeatable when you want to reuse a snippet of content, edit it in one place, and have the changes propagate to every instance. Show me how To create a reusable block, open the block editor and create the content you want to reuse: Now select the content you want to turn into a reusable block, then click the three-dot “More” menu and choose “Add to Reusable blocks.” Voilà, you’ve now created a reusable block. From now on, you can find this block, and any other you create, in the “Reusable blocks” tab in the block library: This is also where you can insert the newly created block on any of your posts or pages. Where do I edit my existing reusable blocks? To edit a reusable block, select it and make your edits. When you make an edit, the Publish button will have a little dot indicator: This dot indicates you’ve made a global change that potentially affects posts beyond just the one you’re editing, the same as when you’re editing templates. This lets you confirm the change was intentional. Another way to edit your reusable blocks is to click the global three-dot “More” menu and selecting “Manage all reusable blocks”: This takes you to a section letting you edit, rename, export, or delete every reusable block you created. What else can I do? Here are a couple of tips and tricks you can leverage to get the most out of reusable blocks. Give them a good name When you name a reusable block, you are essentially choosing your search terms, as the name is what you search for in the block library (or when you use the “slash command,” typing / in an empty paragraph): Avoid names such as “Gallery” or “Image,” as that’ll be annoying when you just want to insert one of those. You can avoid that with a unique name, such as “My author biography.” Insert in the best place of your content flow One obvious benefit of reusable blocks is that they are just blocks, just like everything else in the block editor. That means you can insert it anywhere in your content. You might want your rich author biography to sit at the top or bottom of the post, but This post is part of a series box that might sit well two or three paragraphs not to disrupt the reading flow. Layouts can be hard; provide yourself a shortcut Maybe you created a complex layout you’re happy with, a call to action with the right image and buttons, and it took a while to get it just right. Go on and save it as a reusable block: even if you mean to insert it only to convert it to a regular block, it might still save you a minute. To convert a reusable block to regular (blocks, select it and click the “Convert to regular blocks”: Design by Beatriz Fialho. Tip: You can also find some nice patterns on Gutenberg Hub or ShareABlock. Take it with you Need to move to another site? You can both export and import reusable blocks. Go to the Manage all reusable blocks section from the global three-dot “More” menu, hover over the block you want to export, and click “Export as JSON”: The downloaded file can be imported on any WordPress 5.0 or newer website. Try it Create a draft post and play around with Reusable Blocks to see how you might start using them. You can always delete them when you’re done playing. You can test importing and using a small reusable block I created as an example. It’s a “Further reading” block that shows the four latest posts from the category “Featured”: It might work well as a highlight in an article, giving the reader something new to read or awareness of your other content. Download the block from this gist, import it to your WordPress site, then customize to make it yours. View the full article
  21. @Mr. Rocks I was asking help from the community, as you can see @DicDal was online 1 hour ago and I posted 10 hours ago and no answers, thats why I posted for the community. Ok I just want ask help nothing more
  22. @Christer you don’t need to spam reply to @DicDal. He will see your post. Please take this as a warning. also I don’t recommend removing the news letter box on registration form as the user needs to have the option to opt out.
  23. As we approach the release of Invision Community 4.6, I wanted to take you through some improvements for using Invision Community on a mobile device. Web push notifications For some time, we've used the local browser notification API to show users notifications. There's a big drawback though: users had to have the site open in a tab for these to work. This is particularly problematic for mobile devices. In 4.6, we've added support for the WebPush API, which allows sites to push notifications to users' browsers & devices even if the site isn't open - or even if the device is asleep. We already have support baked in for push notifications via our beta mobile app, so we've piggy-backed on that system and expanded it to support browser-based push notifications. Choosing push notifications For users, it's a simple process. A little while after joining a community they will prompted to accept notifications from the site when they open the notification list dropdown (or they can opt-in any time from the notification settings screen). After accepting, they will be able to choose a "Notification List + Push" option for any of the available notification types. Push notifications enabled Existing users, who may have already granted permission to the site in the past, will be re-prompted to accept push notifications upon logging in after the 4.6 upgrade. Push notifications typically show on the homescreen of a phone or in the notification tray of a desktop computer, so receiving dozens of notifications could be overwhelming. For that reason, Invision Community will automatically merge related notifications - for example, multiple mentions from the same topic, or multiple new topics from the same forum. Grouped push notifications And, of course, users can stop push notifications across all of their devices with a single click if they want to opt out. We're excited about the engagement potential of push notifications, since they allow you to immediately reach users who aren't currently on your site - a job previously left to email alone. On the subject of notifications, one more thing: we've heard your feedback about notifications for new replies/mentions being merged with notifications for likes/quotes, and will be separating these two types into their own permissions in 4.6. We're acutely aware that making notifications annoying results in users turning them off, so we're always looking to ensure there is a reasonable balance. Splash Screen Images When you add a website to your phone's desktop, it appears like a native app. Tapping to launch the site can show a blank screen for a few seconds while the website is loaded. Fortunately, you can now set a 'splash' image in the Admin CP which is shown when launching the app. Sharing using native share options Another enhancement coming in 4.6 is the addition of the device share sheet when sharing content from within Invision Community. Users will now see a "More Sharing Options" button (providing their device/browser supports the underlying API) which, when tapped, will open the device share sheet. The options available depend on the device, but typically include actions like sharing links in WhatsApp, posting to Facebook or creating a note. Offline support With a larger share of users now using mobile devices for most of their browsing comes the problem of patchy phone signal and internet connections dropping out. For a dynamic web-based platform like Invision Community, it's difficult to offer much in the way of full offline support, but starting in 4.6 we will present a branded offline page to users when they have no internet connection and try to access the community. We hope that you are looking forward to these PWA improvements coming in Invision Community 4.6! View the full article
  24. @DicDal Berk, 1. I went to Google - More Tools - Developer Tools - Ctrl + Shift + I Where can I find the file??? 2. Theme by aXenDev. How much time must I wait until it appears on my site??? 3. Header & Social Media Change Icon Menu Manager Bar nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Forums"] a::before {content: "\f015" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Calendar"] a::before {content: "\f073" !important; font-weight: 300;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Guidelines"] a::before {content: "\f071" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="StaffDirectory"] a::before {content: "\f21b" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="OnlineUsers"] a::before {content: "\f0c0" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Leaderboard"] a::before {content: "\f091" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Clubs"] a::before {content: "\f1b3" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Blogs"] a::before {content: "\f5da" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Downloads"] a::before {content: "\f019" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Gallery"] a::before {content: "\f030" !important;} nav .ipsNavBar_primary li[data-navext="Store"] a::before {content: "\f07a" !important;} I dont see Browse, Activity, Streams, Support, Donatios??? 4. Send me news and updates. I went to Google - More Tools - Developer Tools - Ctrl + Shift + I Thank you!!!
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