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  2. thanks for that, but i know how to do it, and only can upload one icon but if i want make many icons like : Admin Staff System Understand what i mean and i think i have to install it
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  4. Go into your group settings and upload your image there :
  5. Hi, i need some help please, i want to add icons ranks and i like this ONE but i dont know how to install it, please anyone can explain to me how i can do it ? i use IPS Community Suite Thanks.
  6. Following the recent statement by WordPress’s co-founder Matt Mullenweg and the Creative Commons CEO, Catherine Stihler’s post, I’m happy to formally announce that CC Search is now part of the WordPress open source project, newly coined Openverse. Both Matt and I are long-time supporters of Creative Commons. I hope that this will provide a long-term, sustainable challenger to closed source photo libraries and further enhance the WordPress ecosystem. How Does This Affect Current Users? Current CC Search users will continue searching and using openly licensed images from around the intern
  7. The app existed on your files is on .tar format :
  8. Hi, how to hide all user ip address from moderator group thank you.
  9. hi, i upgrade to 4,5 and after this the new option come expended view to preview the post the disadvantage of this option for me its showing the hidden cotent any option to turn this off?
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  11. WordPress is open source software, maintained by a global network of contributors. There are many examples of how WordPress has changed people’s lives for the better. In this monthly series, we share some of the amazing stories that are not as well known. Creating content with WordPress and blogging helped Fike Komala, from Indonesia, build a career where she can work remotely from different locations in the world. In 2020, Fike joined a US-based company that specializes in form building to work as a content marketer. Using her experience as a freelancer and later a full time employee,
  12. Hi Everyone, i have a question , how can i install this app . i downloaded that but seem like not . TAR type and i cannt manuell instal in ACP Thanks !
  13. In this episode, Josepha is joined by the co-founder and project lead of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. Tune in to hear Matt and Josepha discuss the relaunch of CC Search (Openverse) in WordPress and the facets of the open source ecosystem. Have a question you’d like answered? You can submit them to [email protected], either written or as a voice recording. Credits Editor: Dustin Hartzler Logo: Beatriz Fialho Production: Chloé Bringmann Song: Fearless First by Kevin MacLeod References Openverse Repositories Catalog: https://github.com/wordpress/openverse-catalog A
  14. check DC pls bro, i sended mess to u but you didnt read ! :( My DC Leeberlin
  15. Search in ACP for meta tags and launch the live editor, edit the page title.
  16. Best Marvel series out there! First in the two episodes i thought thsi gonna be lame. But after several episodes it blow my mind. very cool and interesting serie.
  17. When anybody want to play, just pm!
  18. You've reached your daily download limit of 5 files for the day. Try again after 24 hours.
  19. All of a sudden I'm not able to download anything..? What changed?
  20. Thank you, thats was the problem by me
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  22. I recently changed the domain of my forum and renamed the site title however the site title on the web browser tab shows the old one. I have tried to clear the cache and cookies, did a cache purge in cloudflare and also went to 'something isnt working correctly yet I still get the same old title. What could I be doing wrong?
  23. What version of IPB are you using as this plug-in is not compatible with 4.5
  24. the post says last reply on March 10 but there are 0 replies this happened when i used 'change post date' plugin, the original post date is march 10 2021 and i changed it into january 4 2020 using the plugin now the march 10 date has become last reply date, but the post has 0 replies i have set the topic list view into Expanded view in forum settings to make things more clear please help
  25. Latest version of BDI does not work with older versions of IPS. Either upgrade your forum or downgrade your BDI version (1.0.12 or earlier).
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