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  2. PUBG GTA V Definitely Not Fortnite
  3. Heres a simple solution just don't download off untrusted websites. No point in forking out on an anti-virus when windows have one built in.
  4. I use Nod32. For me is enough.
  5. Today
  6. Sweet as a nut bud thanks the light snow is great
  7. I wanted to give a winter-y type of feel to it Light Snow - Heavier Snow -
  8. Well lets see if you can do my avatar the one im using now??
  9. iOS is better in security and performance, but Android has a better support and are more easy to use, at my view.
  10. I think BF5 is better, comparating whith BF1, but, also BF1 is very cool.
  11. Hello, In celebration of Christmas and the New Year, I will be offering a service that allows users to receive a Christmas Avatar to display across the WebFlake platform. To request an avatar, please comment an image of an avatar you'd like to be customized and changed to fit a Christmas theme. Simple Christmas Hat Avatars:
  12. I sure prefer BF5. I can not adapt with the old armaments. What I think is cool about BF1 is knowing what the armaments and vehicles were like at the time.
    Thanks you ever so much Davlin for this. It's fantastic no problems what so ever installing.
  13. Welcome back to webflake.
  14. PUBG is the most popular game here in Egypt this year.
  15. I like games with some laughing but also action. Sea of Thieves Darksiders 3 Shadow of Tomb Raider
  16. i rather have IOS then Android. Less commercial junk on IOS then on Android.
  17. Activity should only concern frequent users. One post is required to regain access to downloads. Creating a new account leads to permanent bans on all associated accounts and yes, I'll ban VPNs as well. It takes about 30-60 seconds to create a single post. There is 31,536,000 such seconds in a year. If you can't find the time to create a post, I really don't give a shit. You better be paralyzed, incarcerated, or dead to have any excuse to not make twelve posts in a year. We've had enough discussions about this and I'm tired of reading about them. The Inactivity Policy stays. Deal with it or kick rocks.
  18. konik


    Hello man, how are you?
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