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  2. ipbmafia.ru Russian Forum, but many not Russian users who turn to the forum problem User problems solve knowledgeable people. We make purchases of plugins and applications. My nickname there SlawkA This is not an advertisement forum. Welcome who is interested And it is a pity that this forum closes.
  3. Yes finally it's special I prefer the one here https://nulled.ltd/ https://prowebber.ru/
  4. @ Tony Hello, I would like you to tell me how you did this? Hello Well it's not great there is better
  5. https://ipsforum.ir I can say this forum is the best in providing plugins, applications and themes. You also can ask your support questions about IPS. also they speak English, Turkish and Persian languages
  6. I'd like to take this moment to thank @ Tony, @ Phun and countless other uploaders who made IPS plugins available for the rest of us. WebFlake was very important in shaping my community providing plugins for testing and evaluation. A real try before you buy. I ended up buying 90% of plugins after considering them useful. Good luck in your future endeavors @ Tony & @ Phun. Meanwhile, Flakers, let's talk where are we moving on from here? Which site forum you think would accommodate us best? @RegressoR @ ONERO @ Birdman @Alex1975 @FiveM @mr-pimpen @Yokizana @DicDal @ DiaboliK.
  7. @ Tony if you really are closing the forum please share your store files for free...
  8. I haven't been around as much due to family and trying to advance in my life but WebFlake has saved my bacon many times and shared awesome content. I thank you WebFlake and the OGs. Much love
  9. Yesterday
  10. Thank you for your service but is the site going to be online again
  11. The idea of Forumcore and now webflake, wasn't to rip anyone off. For me it was to test apps and themes and then proceed and buy them. People should get rewarded for their hard effort
  12. The creators of the 0 applications and full installation files that were offered here, are those the same guys that own the board?
  13. Yes, it did. A very large number of users came in just to download a paid app for free and use it on game server forums, etc. where they themselves derive monetary benefit from them. You did it yourselves, and are actually doing it with "your" forum theme. Wiping your face with talk of "creating a great community" is weak to say the least. The authors of the engine and applications spend their time on developing these things and they should be paid for their work. I will also point out that this is no attack, just call a spade a spade.
  14. I am also the owner of a forum which runs on my own money. From 2012 to this day, I had to make it alive. I could close it down at any point of time. But I could not because I asked my members and a major portion of them voted for make it continue. I have obligations to them because without them, my forum will be dead a long time ago and that is the difference between you and me and some people like me. You didn't think ever that without these members, you could not build Webflake to what it is today. You may kick me out but I should say that you are not a 'self-serving' person, but you are a
  15. Thank you for your service but is the site going to be online again
  16. Thanks for the service you provide. Take good care of yourself. Greetings from Turkey.
  17. sorry to hear that... @ Tony Do you have a plan to share your store files for free?
  18. Thanks for everything you provided. Wish you all the best!
  19. It's a shame to close, but it's true that the participation is very low comparing with Forumcore or the first years of Webflake. I don't know any other Invision focused similar forums around to be honest, i know some that are more focused in Xenforo and share once every 2-3 months an ips theme / file or more generic nulled software that again releasing ips files once a while. So i'ts pity for Webflake to close and not be able to go somewhere else I understand your frustration though that the amount of people is reduced the last years, though i assume it has to do with decisions of managem
  20. this will be my last post to webflake it was fun being here hope or maybe see ya sometime in the future. know matter what the issue is or what it will be i have contribute to this community to help keep it alive as long as it did it just a shame to see it go. well good luck on your next journey if you decide to bring webflake back to life just give a shout!!!!
  21. Last week
  22. I updated the file. And the site closes
  23. First and foremost, no, we are not closing because of external pressure. This is simply something that has been discussed internally, at length, for many months. WebFlake is not a publicly traded company. We do not have shareholders. We do not have investors. We do not have any obligation to continue this free service for any amount of time beyond what we are comfortable with. Our only responsibility is to ourselves, no matter how self-serving that may appear to be. Phun and I have made this difficult decision from a financial, analytical, and personal standpoint. WebFlake has operated at
  24. I am still confused why Webflake is shutting down?! Is IPS forcing the owners to shut this?! I don't know! If that is not the cause, then what??!! We love Webflake. Many of the members did very hard work to make Webflake to Webflake. So, we should know the actual cause. I am also an owner of a forum. My forum is not profitable at all and I did not created it for that purpose. So, I could shut it down. But, I have the responsibility towards the existing members. how small there numbers may be. So, I have no right to shut it down abruptly without showing any cause. I think same goes for Webflake
  25. Wow all that hard work. That is insane. Would you guys be willing to share the 3 years of flaking coding?
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