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  2. IPB Auto Logging

    try to disable your plugins to test it all so go to the admin and support run that to see if something is wrong
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  4. Hi, i recently moved folder of IPS and i get a weird problem since i moved the folder. sometimes when i connect to my panel or forums my account get blocked for 15 minutes for fail login, but the problem is i have no tried to connect to my account since 5/6Hours. i'm not the only on my board to get this problem.
  5. wwwtttccc

    Hello, everyone. I utilized IPB a long time ago back during version 1.X and have now learned how expensive the script costs to use. This is very disappointing, as I loved the old version and how easy it was to find community mods. Anyway, I am developing a crypto currency community that promotes discussions about other websites, videos, and downloads. For example, a place where people can discuss a youtube video other than the youtube video's comments. See you around!
  6. IPB Auto Logging

    This isn’t something that’s only happening for me. Every single person that uses my forums is auto logged after a certain amount of time or when closing the browser.
  7. A good way to stay different. It will work!
  8. Pages Supergrid 2.2 for IPS 4.2+

    Thanks, but no Diff with this file https://webflake.sx/files/file/4303-page-supergrid/
  9. Hello

    Hi Gabriel, welcome to WebFlake. I hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. Count to 10 before a staff member posts

  11. Hello

    Hi, I'm Gabriel from Bulgaria. Web-dev trying to change the WWW a website at a time - that's my motto and that is how I do things. I have been a "member" of webflake for a lot of years but only reading most of the times and even remember the old version of the website. Hope now i'm going to be a "good" member of the community.
  12. Count to 10 before a staff member posts

    Errrrr nope back to the beginning
  13. Surface Dark

    Thank you for update !
  14. How to make a moving IPS logo

    im not sure i found that on the net but you can play around with it and share with us
  15. How to make a moving IPS logo

    Thanks For Sharing this but if you don't mind can u add an image or gif :| and does logo need to be 2x of orignal size for hover?
  16. how to change default url structure?

    are you trying to url articles only because u cant change the urls in the forums its self that would mess your forums up...but if you are trying to just the articles to look likt this https://www.website.com/bully than what you want to do is got to Editing Page Articles only change Page Filename :Articles: leave everything in place than Articles Categories only change Name Required FURL Slug thats all
  17. IPB Auto Logging

    if you dont wash your cookies or delet it will always be there try washing with ccleaner and it should work
  18. Slider Bug (Dark Lagoon)

    how can i fix this ? as you can see i can't view the picture but i uploaded some pictures
  19. IPB Auto Logging

    Hi, I have an issue on my forum with auto logging. I set up a nulled version of IPB on my vps. Once I log in and click remember me, it will keep me logged in all the time. I can close the browser, not visit for days and I'll always be logged in. However, on my main version of IPB, it will log me out after 20 or so minutes despite choosing remember me. Does anyone know a possible reason for this?
  20. allow pdf upload

    told ye i was tired posting - attachments - all - add what you want
  21. Yesterday
  22. I'm looking for updates to these plugins

    as i sed we share what we get some times its hard to get the free plugins from ipb so to your question you have to wait just like us for now look in the downloads section for the updates im pretty sure some one will get them soon
  23. What is SEO

    Its a good tutorial but a quick skim through it just makes it seem like its far too outdated. Oh I just checked the date created. I would recommend someone putting some effort in updating this thread. SEO has become a crucial key in online businesses and successful growth with many advances in softwares and technology.
  24. Generating a Strong Password

    For quickly making strong passwords I use http://passwordsgenerator.net/ and it helps me out. If it helps you well then thats good!
  25. I recently bought 2 VPS from SiteSpace at $6 which decent servers (in terms of performance and net speeds). They recently migrated their servers and have provided even better specs now. Additionally, the owner recently bought graphic services from me through Discord (personal level). He has been very polite and professional even with Discord service buying. I really recommend them. https://sitespace.io/
  26. Remove Nulled in AdminCP

    Thank you for this tutorial.
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