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  4. That's what the README.md says: Installation Login to your ACP, and browse to System -> Site Features -> Application Click Install. Upload steamlogin.tar Browse to System -> Settings -> Login & Registrations Within the methods tab, click Create New. Click Steam, Continue, and fill in the form modifying settings as you wish. It should now be ready to go. Go to your account settings to link your profile! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ You should upload it as an application instead of a plugin, there are big differences between the two, even if they appear to serve the same purpose. I would also like to mention that this application is 2 years old and probably not compatible with the latest version of IPS!
  5. So I'm trying to install this addon to get steam login for my server https://github.com/LavaToaster/IPS-SteamLoginMethod However it is a tar file and invision is asking me to upload .xml file in plugins. What do I do???
  6. Hey there. I'm Glen, owner of Wolf Voip. A teamspeak server hosting company. We started earlier this month, so we don't have much of a reputation or client base. I'm looking to change that though and build a good reputation for a great hosting service. If you would like you can contact me privately and I will set you up with a demo TS server to trial our hosting. Our plans start from £8.99 We've also got a promotion running. Just use promo code: VOIP20 to get 15% your first purchase. Check us out here: https://wolfvoip.com
  7. Can you share your Site URL with me via private message, I will look into it and reply here.
    working great thanks
  8. okay, so i've set a background for my forum theme but it's only made the header the background thing is, i want the whole theme to be that background but cant find where. any help?
  9. Last week
  10. That icon doesn't come with the Group Name Indicator application. As you can see there is a setting/option called 'Group Formatting', to show an icon before the group/member name you have to put this inside the first box: <i class="fa fa-star" aria-hidden="true"></i> This is just an example using FontAwesome, you could also use an image tag or even make your own stylesheet class to apply multiple changes at once.
  11. In my forum I have the plugin "group name indicator" but when viewing the user, the icon is not displayed before the name as in the webflake. Do I have to install anything else? Do I have to install anything else?
  12. To download plugins from AdminCP, you need to edit the responsible controller (not recommended on production environments) or make a second one that doesn't assemble the .XML from dev files.
  13. Yes, I follow all the steps correctly And enable development mode But when I download the plugin, I get an error message failed to open dir: No such file or directory error line: $resourcesNode = $xml->addChild( "{$k}Files" ); foreach ( new \DirectoryIterator( \IPS\ROOT_PATH . "/plugins/{$plugin->location}/dev/{$k}" ) as $file )
  14. Can you try to recache your website from here: AdminCP->Support->Second Bubble option-> clear cache
  15. Personally, while I can agree it was a bit cheesy and some relatively left-for-wanting acting, it was overall, a good movie, and I want the second one to come out. I think I was just able to enjoy the ride for what it was and I'm sure I'll enjoy the next one.
  16. What kind of points should a member gain by posting?
  17. AdminCP -> Members -> Member Settings -> Profiles -> Profile Settings (Tab) Set the 'Default Profile Photos'-option to 'Use the theme's default profile photo'. Now go to Customization -> Themes -> YOUR THEME -> Manage resources Search for default_photo.png using the search bar and click on edit to upload a new default photo.
  18. i have a forum that ive been editing and im trying to change all users that registers profile photo a custom made one but cant seem to find out how to do this? please help
  19. Thank you so much, can you answer my 2nd question.
  20. It's not ready for IPS, the standalone version has to be turned into an IPS application first. Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with HTML and PHP, you will have to choose another way to implement a Chatbox to your forums.
  21. I tried to install an application, ajax chat, from this site >>click<< (standalone) and I tried to use the the installation by using .tar file method. I've download the .tar.gz and have install it but it showed And I have one more question. Where can I setting how many point will the member will gain from posting?
  22. Oh, I joined his site, thought it's his topic for some reason. Can you send me a link via private message? I'll check it out and reply here. ------- Solution: There is a ::after Selector for the Navigation since IPS 4.5. To remove the white area, paste this into your themes custom.css: #ipsLayout_header nav::after { content: none; }
  23. Which site did you join?, nope it's not fixed yet i don't know how to fix it
  24. Hello. Is there any way to get user's posts count from the latest 24 hours in pages block?
  25. Was your problem already fixed? I do not see any white "ribbon" or box when visiting your site.
    great theme am waiting for 4.5.x
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