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  3. error topic options

    you theme is outofdate (try with default theme) or you editor need a reset, look in admin => cutomize => editor
  4. How Install this bars..

    at all left of your public front view of forum you have a arrow clic it and drag and drop all bloc you would in sidebar
  5. Background problem

    send a link of the board for i look the two different code and send you the correction
  6. what the link of the picture ? is perhaps a site who proteck this data, you have try with a other link ?
  7. take a capture for show where exactly plz and i send you the code for change this

    go in admin => customize => editor and try to reset setting of editor
  9. SideBar not working

    is all time a theme outofdate so try with default theme and think to update
  10. SideBar not working

    I'm using IPS 4.1.17 Whenever I open my block manager and try to add a block it does not allow me to add them to the right side it only lets me place the block at the top or bottom. Does anyone know how I could get my sidebar to work again? Also this is only happening for the main page if I click on a topic in one of the categories it shows the sidebar perfectly fine
  11. Yesterday
  12. Issue with admincp/member

    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  13. Issue with admincp/member

    Fixed topic can be removed.
  14. Hello guys!

    I like swimming and hacking users of Microsoft Windows's old versions Thanks!
  15. You are about to reach 1000 rep :v :D

  16. I have no idea why but whenever i go into admincp/member it shows HTTP ERROR 500 it used to work perfectly fine but from now it's not working at all any hints?
  17. Best Answer on Discussions Forum

    seems like this plugin doesnt have any manual settings. it has default settings itself .
  18. Status and status comments content count

    its old version of rules not updated

    Hi guys that skin @Luca Munich posted : HELLS HAMMERS have a error in toolbar see that print i need help for fix the error :S my ipboard is
  20. Last week
  21. OVH VPS

    I'll have to check it out then, thanks
  22. OVH VPS

    Never had an issue with them. I've been using OVH for two years now, having like 8 servers or so. Great service. Been even running a private server, which is of course illegal with ease.
  23. Custom Language Strings 1.0.2

    It's a nice application... it allows you to enter new custom strings in both language files and to manage them... pls share LINK:
  24. Badges

    Just added this - totally ROCKS! Great job.
  25. Well ... that's the question. Does anyone know how to change Topic Titles Size in main page in IPS 4.1? Thank you.
  26. Behemoth Theme 1.0.2

    Someone can share this? LINK:
  27. Titan

    not pic on https and php 7
  28. OVH VPS

    The problem with OVH is they are picky/choosey on how they enforce dmca or so i have heard. I have personally heard horror stories myself but i have also heard people say they are amazing. How are they with DMCA requests?
  29. OVH VPS

    I'm absolutely devastated isn't listed among suggested server providers. Uptime is astonishing, and for frickin $3.49/month you can haz VPS SSD OpenStack KVM 1 vCore 2.4 GHz 2 GB RAM 10 GB SSD Local RAID 10 Click here.
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