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  3. Upgrade 4.2.2 to 4.2.7

    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  4. Profile pictures broken

    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Profile pictures broken

    Thank you both gentlemen! This was the soloution i needed!
  7. Hello all. I have two problems in my Application forums section and the first is to fill the field forms into a topic tittle and for details see the picture below. And the second is to go up the text field to be an example: Name: Christian Please help me to solve this problem
  8. Profile pictures broken

    yes but not the old index.php in this folder he need keep the new ^^
  9. Profile pictures broken

    He only needs the upload folder nothing more ☺️
  10. Profile pictures broken

    you can upload old content if you have make backup in "upload folder" in your new install, no prob and your image come back, just don't re-upload the index.php in this folder and is good
  11. Profile pictures broken

    Thank you for answering Cookie Monster! I will do that in the future and I will try to restore the old uploads folder when I get home! Thank you for all of your help so far! Will probably get stuck with something again soon..
  12. Upgrade 4.2.2 to 4.2.7

    OK thx
  13. Profile pictures broken

    So 1) Always backup files and database. 2) When upgrading just overwrite the files, don't leave old ones (so its the upload folder) if you have an backup of the uploads folder just restore it and it should go back to normal. As the uploads folder contains the images it might be an idea to restore that (with the old one) then do as @Davlin said and do AdminCP > System > Support > Something is not working And that should recache the images
    Thank you for sharing this resource with us! It will be my first time using the IPS system and i hope i will not have troubles with the installation! Thank you again! Have a nice day!
  14. SIDERS

    how to upload this folder? and also why this settings button dont work ? and also how to do this would be nice if you can help me
  15. Exams have finished. I am back ONLINE!
  16. Profile pictures broken

    is strange when you have update you overwrite old file or you have delete an upload the new ? Normaly for update you juste upload file and replace all old files by new and nothing move
  17. IPS 4.2 ChatBox Error

    in all group of member you need activate the possibility to chat or not and enable chat or not for each group
  18. Upgrade 4.2.2 to 4.2.7

    don't forget to disable all custom theme and plugin before ^^
  19. IPS 4.2 Icon problem while changing directory

    if you change subfolder you need change your link too because he change www.exemple.com/test/ become www.exemple.com/test2 ... so you need update all your modification who have link A script is avairaible for this : https://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/
  20. Profile pictures broken

    the upload folder have the good right in write ? 755 ?
  21. IPS 4.2 Users online no longer appears

    or a out of date template perhaps you have try with defaut theme ?
  22. Count to 10 before a staff member posts

    threeeee, (3)
  23. Quizzes

    Thank you very much, perfect, but came out version 1.2.6, I would be very grateful if you could update, hugs.
  24. Profile pictures broken

    Hello Davlin. I have tried to do that.. Nothing happened, thanks for answer!
  25. I'm facing a severe problem regarding icon, and I can't solve it. Suppose my main website is Main. I copied the site to Test and upgraded it from IPB 3.4 to 4.2. Everything was fine and working nicely. Then I decided to move it back to Main, everything is working fine, but its not showing any icon, and instead its showing a square box. Then I added an external font awesome js/css embed code by editing from admin panel theme codes. Most icons from forum home is working, some are still missing as square box, but no icon in admin panel is showing. I edited both Default and 4.2 theme globaltemplate file to add the fontawesome embed codes. Then I again moved it to Test2 and the problem was still not solved. Icons are okay in Test, but when I move it other directory, icons are not working. Can you provide me any suggestion? Thank you.
  26. I was using the licensed Invision Community. Now I am using the nulled from this site. I think the seller do not have the moral rights to sell the product due to the number of free scripts included into it. For example, SCE Editor (which is the main script on which the community software is based on). Secondly, I was banned by one of the the Invision Community owners without any reason (by Lindy) after a short time of trying to argue with him in the normal polite way whithout breaking any community rules. He deleted all my Russian translations from their Marketplace and banned my license without any refund after 3 years of membership. They are arrogant behind the vail. Thirdly, after all of this I like to make harm to the USA business and this company particularly. So, please, do not pay to them. They do not deserve this. Use the software for free.
  27. (GS) Player Panel [AMX Mod X]

    Seems to be not working.
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