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  3. hello when i try to Configure the plugin it lets me put my bots token and client secret and then when i press next step it shows this
  4. Would this be something that you're looking for? Pre-defined Topic Fields - Fields - Invision Community
  5. Always start with the simplest steps first: clearing your browser cache and your forum cache (ACP -> Support -> Something isn't working correctly). Assuming that you're still having issues, check that your folder permissions are correct (ACP -> Support -> System Check). If everything is fine there, double-check your PHP settings. Specifically: upload_max_filesize post_max_size max_execution_time Ensure that post_max_size is a greater value than upload_max_filesize and that both values are greater than the size of the XMLs you are attempting to upload.
    Perfect too, congratulations for making the Download available
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  7. Good afternoon everyone. I changed my forum platform to IPB and I'm having some problems looking for applications that meet the needs of my forum... Question: I'm looking for an application that the user clicks on "create a new topic" he is directed to a page with fillable fields and when filling all is directed to the topic already filled and posted. Can you tell me an application similar to this? I use a version 4.5.x Thanks, and sorry for the writing errors.. I'm Brazilian.
  8. Hi I've tried to upload three different type of xml theme files and always get the same issue, I've tried it also on 4.5 and 4.4 and still the same issue.
  9. enjoying my profile pic change that i totally did myself and not Tony

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  11. I don't think it's not related with IPB 4.6 Make sure you followed all of these steps correctly.
  12. WordPress contributors around the world are celebrating the sixth Global WordPress Translation Day throughout the entire month of September! That’s 30 days dedicated to help and encourage people to translate the software and its related resources. One of the highlights is a series of exciting core global events, starting on September 17 2021 and finishing on the United Nations’ International Translation Day itself on September 30, 2021. Everyone is welcome to watch these events live on YouTube and to share their translation stories which will be featured during the celebrations and beyond.
  13. Wouldn't it be nice if the Invision Community editor could re-use whole replies, text snippets, and even reply templates? As we get ready to welcome more customers into our staffed community support area, this feature idea has become a reality to help form personalized replies. Invision Community has a saved actions feature that allows the community team to perform multiple actions on multiple topics. For example, you might want to add a title prefix, move the topic and add a reply. This works great for 'canned' responses and actions, but it is less useful if you want to edit the rep
  14. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8394-staff-application-forms-contact-us-polls-all-the-forms/ Does anyone have this? The previous 3.1.4 version doesn't work well with IPB v4.6.4
  15. Quick tutorial on how to do this quickly. You'll need access to MySQL CLI, but perhaps could also work with the AdminCP MySql Toolbox - I haven't tested to confirm. Before anything, make sure to create a backup of your database. This is a simple procedure: first we need to generate the ALTER queries to see what we change in case things go wrong: SET @DATABASE_NAME = 'name_of_your_db'; SELECT CONCAT('ALTER TABLE `', table_name, '` ENGINE=InnoDB;') AS sql_statements FROM information_schema.tables AS tb WHERE table_schema = @DATABASE_NAME AND `ENGINE` = 'MyISAM' AND
  16. Thank you so much. I was using the default theme. The theme structure may be outdated after the updates. The issue was resolved by creating and using a new theme.
  17. Go to to your AdminCP and click on "Get Support", e.g. mysite/admin/?app=core&module=support&controller=support Then click on "Clear system caches". 4.6.6 indeed fixed / improved many issues with the CKEditor, so I believe it could be cache indeed. Can you describe in details what you changed to fix this for future reference? A screenshot would help when it comes to visuals. Also reproducibility if there is.
  18. Other issues have been resolved. The cause of the problem was some "iframe" code. But the "CKEditor" problem persists. When I want to give color to the text, the pop-up is closed when the mouse is hovered. Font size is also problematic. I couldn't find the clear cache partition in the admin panel. I tried in different browsers. The problem persists. I am using the current version of the forum. (4.6.6)
  19. are you using tutorials if so you should be ok in till the next update for that
  20. hello everyone, someone will have this version
  21. Hi, Got this error when upgrading from 4.6 to 4.6.6. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 and the full picture is: I've tried repairing my database, but nothing else has worked.
  22. Thanks for the help of both, but I identified the problem, it was the ModSecurity causing the error, disabled and resolved. Now I'm trying to fix the ModSecurity so it doesn't happen again.
  23. I had a similar issue while attempting to upgrade. What Tony said above could also be the cause for these errors, but if it's not the case, try replacing the admin directory with a fresh one. For some reason on my end it got corrupted at some point and that solved my issue.
  24. Something might be off with your Apache configurations. It will probably be easier to help than assuming things if you provide some error logs from your webserver or post what kind of Apache configurations you set. Are you experiencing this on a fresh install?
  25. A bit more tricky, but you can also setup a test server on a regular VPS. It's more practical than relying on a hosting company. Make sure to get something with more than 1024mb memory, install mysql, phpmyadmin, apache server and configure everything as needed. Then unzip the files in /var/www/mywebsite and if you configured everything correctly, the installation for IPS will already tell you which PHP extensions you'll need to enable for the installation to proceed successfully.
  26. We were not born omniscient, the forum is there to ask and answer questions. Imagine you need help with something in the near future and I'll answer you like that. Ensure your server meets the system requirements. You can download the Invision Community Requirements Checker from the official website to do so. Download the latest version of the Invision Power Suite here: https://webflake.sx/files/category/169-invision-community-suite-46/ Unzip the download and upload the contents to your server in the directory where you want your Community to run. Simple visit your w
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