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    In early-2011, Phun launched the very first iteration of our community under the name of IPBCore. As you'd expect, IPBCore underwent a series of trials and tribulations before broadening its scope of support for multiple software products and transitioning to the legendary "ForumCore", in early-2012.

    With the help of a close friend, Paradiizee, Phun was able to create a webmaster community that afforded its users a wide variety of software solutions and support, without the rising costs. ForumCore exploded onto the scene and rapidly became the largest try-before-buy webmaster community of its kind. Paradiizee and Phun built something truly special. Roughly a year later, due to unforeseen circumstances, the ForumCore.net domain was lost and a modern era began for this community...

    WebFlake. In February of 2013, our community was re-branded and relaunched as WebFlake. Paradiizee decided to resign and further his education and career, at which point Phun expanded the team before eventually plucking an intrepid new Moderator from the ranks to serve as his next Administrator. With some massive shoes to fill, Davlin has since been at the forefront of leading WebFlake forward and alongside Phun, WebFlake is still going strong in 2017.